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Grant For Accident Disabled Marine Vet To Start Bible Prophecy Newsletter

by James Douglas
(Greenville, Michigan, USA)

I'm 58 years old and husband to Wendy, my third wife. I have two sons, Jason Christopher who will be 36 in November and Jimmy Cliff II, who he will be 23 on his and his Mom's next birthday (May 2nd).

Jimmy is Wendy's and mine plus she also has four Girls (40, 35, 33 and 28).

I was a Sergeant in the Marine Corps and after I got out I worked as a Graphic Artist. Then I cut contact lenses and then I was a Turnkey (jail guard) for a while until I was hired to be a Police Officer by Cedar Springs, MI (July of 1984).

Disability Issues

On July 4, 1984, after just been hired by Cedar Springs PD to be a Police Officer, I was with Danny Flores, my best friend who was a Grand Rapids Police Officer, and my half brother, Kenny Boyles.

We were leaving Hastings, Michigan where my mother had a summer retreat. We had just made a day of it on our motorcycles.

As we were leaving Hastings, we were behind a Jeep pulling a homemade trailer that seemed to be moving pretty slowly.

Because I was on my new Honda Magna V435 I decided not to wait and started to pass. Well he was going slowly because a lady stopped in front of him and made an illegal left turn, in front of me.

By the time I realized what was happening I couldn't get back over. So I stood on my brake and grabbed both hand brakes, but slid into her anyways.

Danny used CPR until the Paramedics got there and they took me to the nearest Hospital. But they were just not equipped to handle such a severe case so they Medevacked me to Blodgett Hospital in Grand Rapids.

I was told that my heart had stopped at least twice and a trauma doctor that could handle this special case was there.

I had been thrown about 75 feet and landed on my head, so there was extensive brain damage.

I was holding on so tight that I broke both wrists and as I was tossed from the bike my right leg, below the knee caught the handlebars and was shattered.

Even though it must have been like putting together a broken jigsaw puzzle, I can walk today (I keep a cane for long distances and/or crowds).

So as bad as that accident was (and it was bad), so many wonderful things have happened to me because of it I wouldn't trade it for the world.

I was told my heart stopped and Danny using CPR started it again. I had gone to High School with Danny and I didn't even know he knew what a church was or who God was, so what he said to me the first time he visited me blew me away.

I had been in a coma for 12 weeks. I said "Danny, thanks for being there, thanks for saving my life." And he said to me, "Don't thank me, thank God, He told me what to do."

Since that day I've been searching for "God" and Jesus Christ has become my Lord and Savior.

The doctors told me I may never walk again, but I've used a wheelchair, then a walker and finally a cane. I may still use my cane for safety reasons but around the house I'm cane free.

Financial Hardship

Now with the latest raise we live on my monthly SS Benefits of $1,232.

For a while Wendy worked at McDonalds and never brought in great money, but on May 8, 2002 Wendy was diagnosed with Breast Cancer.

She took tamoxifen for about five years and went through 26 radiation therapies to nullify any remaining Cancer.

She still checks in at least annually, but today she is not only the most beautiful girl in the world, she is also cancer free.

She gets $379 a month on Social Security. Together we get $1,611.

To make ends meet we are living with one of her daughters (Sheila) and her husband and two teenage kids.

We rarely have any extra money to do extras for ourselves. I've been searching for some time on the Internet for some way to get a grant or some kind of help, but every time I believe I found an opportunity to ask for money or help, they always want a $39.95 fee to get said help and I just can't afford it.

Income Efforts

As I said Wendy and I bring in $1611 monthly and once in a while family and/or friends or our Church will buy us dinner or help if we need something, such as utilities or whatever.

Over the years I've probably spent up to $4,000 on trying to get some money making opportunity going, until finally my family just won't let me make a fool of myself anymore.

Yes Sir, you seem to be a straight from heaven blessing. Thank you so very much.

Specific Needs

We would like a $150,000 grant to buy ourselves a nice home and land.

We would like another $150,000 grant to start a home business. My goal is to publish and distribute a "Bible Prophecy Newsletter."

I'm not a prophet, but I have access to many prophetic seminars, so I'm not going to actually write the material. I will be able to get these prophetic messages out to members of my church all over the country that just can't make these Seminars.

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