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Grant For Bipolar Disabled Woman To Buy New Car And Business Software

by Dana Stephens
(Amelia, Ohio, USA)

Hello. I am a 45-year-old woman who has been divorced for about 17 years now. I have one beautiful daughter who is 22 years old and I am very proud of her.

My marriage was a very rough one and the divorce was even worse. I left my husband because I didn't want to set that example for my daughter.

He was and still is an alcoholic. I pray for him to seek help someday but other than that I have no contact with him, unless he wants to claim our daughter on his taxes.

We were granted joint custody but she lived with him for the majority of the time because the courts did not believe he was so terrible. They took his side. I pushed and gained at least joint custody.

Now that she is grown she lives in the same town as I do. She visits him on occasion, but I feel that I won in the long run. She has some of his traits, but mostly my influence., which I thank God for.

Disability Issues

My disability is being bipolar, which means I experience very high manias and very low depression.

I have sought professional help for my illness. I always have. Recently I have been put on new medication. I feel like a normal person again… no more feeling like I'm in a stupor.

My creativity and the feeling of having a purpose in life have returned. I ALWAYS follow the doctor's instructions on how to take my medicine and I take the medicine as prescribed.

I believe my illness evolved from all the stress I was under during my divorce. I was working at the U.S. Postal Service as a PTF, which means Part Time Flexible so they can work you as often as they wish.

I was working six days a week and 12 hours a day, going through a divorce and custody battle and I feel I had a nervous breakdown. This is when I received the diagnosis of being bipolar.

I suddenly quit my job at the post office because I was being accused of stalking a friend's girlfriend. This was ridiculous. I had no reason to do that. I was going through my own problems why would I add to it.

I felt pressed too much so I quit the job. I then ended up in the hospital to receive help. They have strict rules there where I went.

It was somewhat relaxing when I could go out on the patio and smoke and just hear the birds chirp and enjoy the sunshine. In my mind I was spending time with God when I was outside and also when doing crafts.

They offer counseling in a group setting and for me that does not work because I don't like people to know much of my business.

I like to share with people; don't get me wrong. I just feel that my mental thoughts should be with a professional to help me gain the right medicine.

I believe I have found the correct doctor and case manager and the correct medicine... after 17 years.

Financial Hardship

I receive Social Security Disability for my income and have since 2002. It is a blessing to have this because I try to work part time. I can't seem to stick with a regular job that I go to every day. I feel I need the freedom to do what I feel like doing that day.

I live with my sister right now and she is an alcoholic. For the most part, we get along. But there are times when we don't and I get upset with her. I love her but I feel I need to branch out on my own eventually.

We share the expenses but because I receive a lump sum monthly I pay the rent up front and then she pays the utilities and pays me the difference so everything is 50-50.

I don't want to leave her stranded so I stay to help her and I need her also. But I feel as I take the medicine more every day I am getting stronger and would like to have a place of my own someday.

Recently I was in a car accident and it totaled my car. It was deemed my fault because I hit two cars as I was sliding on ice and could not stop in time.

Nobody claimed to be hurt at the scene. It was minor damage to the other individuals' cars, but mine was totaled.

Now I have to share my sister's car... she works evenings so I can run errands during the day but I feel stuck in the evenings without a car.

Income Efforts

I have had many jobs and when I say many, I mean many. But I can't stick with them. I recently have discovered something on the Internet and it has given me ideas on projects that I could do.

I look on the Internet for free items that I can do for projects and turn for a profit. But not having a car I can't go get these items when they are available.

I have borrowed money from family and can't seem to pay them back because my sister pays me a little bit at a time and I can't make it stretch to pay them back.

I give clothes and household items to charities. I shop the thrift stores because I love a bargain and it's fun to see what I can find for as cheap as I can.

Specific Needs

Basically, what I need is transportation at this point.

I could also use a grant to buy a used car at the Goodwill Auto Auction and to buy the software for wholesaling property.

Business Idea

Ultimately, I would like to become a real estate investor... buying properties and fixing them up and flipping them and wholesaling.

I want to work with the department of job and family services to provide housing for low-income individuals and families and then possibly helping them to own the property themselves.

I would rent to individuals and families that are not on low-income also and maybe provide a way for them to own their own property as well.

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Feb 27, 2014
Link to help donate
by: Dana Stephens


Feb 26, 2014
Thank you sir!!
by: Anonymous

Thank you Don. I will follow the workbook.

Feb 26, 2014
Thank you !!!
by: Dana Stephens

Thank you Don at ability-mission.org for publishing my story. I hope that others will read this and realize that people with mental health issues can seek help and gain the proper treatment and become self-sufficient through the help of others. Thank you again!

Note from Don... You're welcome! We're happy to help! Be sure to follow the Workbook.

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