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Grant For Disabled Vet To Commercialize Patented Railroad Tie Concept

by Ruston Haughey
(Sarasota, FL, USA)

I am a single 52-year-old male. I was formerly enlisted in the Air Force. I have no family of my own. I am under a guardianship and I live with my guardian.

In the Air Force I was a Crew Chief on the old F4 Jet. I worked as an inspector. We would take the plane apart and put it back together again. I can still see that plane in my mind, just as if I was standing in front of it.

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Disability Issues

I have short term memory problems after being electrocuted with over 90,000 volts 15 years ago. I do have a visual memory, so I can see whatever I think about in my own mind. I see things down to the smallest detail and in motion.

Financial Hardship

I am unemployed. My only income is SS disability each month in the amount of $844. I have no other income at this time.

I owe $1,200 on my VISA card. It’s hard to stay employed with a short term memory issue.

Income Efforts

I have tried to find an angel investor. Without a business plan that is impossible.

I have contacted two guys who helped out four or five Fortune 500 companies in the past. They have asked me not to mention their names, but they said they like my ideas. They cannot write my business plan, but they can proofread it for me.

I found a great business planner named Paul Burke. He has 20 years as a business planner. His father has been in charge of all the railroad crossings in six states for over 28 years. He will have contacts we will need.

I contacted Jeb Bush, the CEO of the Burlington railroad. Both he and Burke like my patent and are just waiting for my business plan.

Specific Needs

I am seeking startup costs in the amount of $250,000 to be able to hire Paul Burke, a mechanical engineer and office staff. I would like to create five or six different business plans.

My patents relate to the US railway system and these concepts:

1) Railroad tie replacement on the run
2) Recycling old railroad ties
3) Recycling old hardware, spikes, plats, etc.
4) A locking device that secures the rail to the new railroad ties. It works like a bear trap.

I need to find an angel investor or a grant for the startup costs.

Business Idea

The U.S. needs to start using the railway system more. Most of the tracks are already there, but they need work. We need to start preparing the tracks. Population growth studies would support this.

Gas prices are going up and rail is still and will always be the cheapest way to travel. This applies not only to people, but for goods, as well. The jobs this will create are endless.

I need all the help I can get finding the $250,000 I need. That is enough for four or five business startups. My idea to recycle the old railroad ties is fire retardant plywood or charcoal filters.

My idea to recycle the old hardware is to manufacture the new locking device. That can be installed in the new railroad ties, as they are milled from wood or manufactured from recycled materials.

Can you help me or do you know of anybody that can? I am open to all possibilities.

There are only a handful of railroad tie replacement companies out there, and it is still just one tie replaced at a time. My system will replace four or five ties at once.

My idea started after I heard about the Primix Corporation and their new railroad ties. My invention will make theirs the best railroad tie out there! It will save trees and clean out the tie dumps.

You can see how important this is and how much potential my idea has. It will take about three months to put this business plan together once I can hire Paul Burke.

Jeb Bush told me he could help me access the billions out there. He needs to see a business plan, though. So that's where I really need that first round of help.

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