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Grant For MaryAnn With Parkinsons To Get Home And Health Insurance

by MaryAnn Landauer
(Denver, Colorado, USA)

My name is MaryAnn Landauer. I am a 62-year-old mother of two very special sons. They are good boys and special for many reasons but mostly because I had them very late in my life… age 41 and 43.

I thought that my marriage was strong and solid. Unfortunately, I was deceived by a very charismatic sociopath who turned out to be a white collar criminal.

He turned our lives upside-down, letting our family home foreclose and defaulting on our support order. As the breadwinner, he chose to leave us homeless and without resources. I have been fighting him in court for five years.

Disability Issues

I have advanced Parkinson's disease. I was diagnosed in 2000 and lived relatively symptom free until 2009 when I had to undergo brain surgery.

I had to have deep brain stimulators embedded into my brain and a monitor surgically placed in my chest wall. I could no longer walk, dragging my left leg and my speech was becoming slurred from the ongoing disease.

Now, five years later, the disease limits my motion, interferes with my balance and the medication necessary to control the dystonia (painful muscle cramping in neck and back) and the dyskinesia (involuntary muscle movements) is highly sedative.

I have two sons who I am raising alone as their father has been sentenced to prison for his white-collar crimes. The terrible stress of dealing with the fraud of the divorce certainly made things worse.

I divorced him in 2007 and since that time, he has fraudulently avoided all child support and spousal support ordered by the Family Court.

My symptoms began to spin out of control during the two years of the divorce. He took all of our money including the kid's college fund and my inheritance and hid all assets offshore.

I have had to go without child support or spousal support because he has refused to honor his commitment.

Financial Hardship

I have struggled to find work that I can physically do. I cannot stand or sit for any length of time. My balance prohibits many possible positions as I cannot walk or stand well.

My movements have become so slow and deliberate that potential employers are wary of my abilities.

The financial hardship of having no child or spousal support is heartbreaking as both of my boys want to finish college.

We are staying with my elderly brother and have not had our own place for a long time. No home, no savings, no help, no hope.

I am in physical therapy but can no longer drive there.

Money is very tight as my disability check barely covers food.

Income Efforts

I have been studying online courses in real estate to see if I can break into investment real estate.

I have tried to be a chauffeur but the Parkinson's limits my physical ability to drive.

I cannot do any phone work as my vocal chords freeze due to the disease. I have great difficulty just typing this letter.

I have tried to sell insurance but my limited rage of motion disallows interaction with the public.

Specific Needs

I would request a grant to buy a three-bedroom home for the boys and me.

Funding for my real state business would also be good.

Having a steady income would be a real help.

Healthcare for all three of us, including dental and vision coverage, would be wonderful as the ex-spouse cancelled our health insurance.

Business Idea

I have written a book about my ordeal with the ex-spouse and the inequities of the Justice System that allowed him to cheat us and deceive the courts. And though he is now in prison, he has paid no restitution for ruining our lives.

The exposé about my experience will help others caught in the system.

To market the book properly I require $50,000, which would pay for Internet web sites, the production of e-books, media circuits, publishing expenses, development of seminars and speaking engagements, using my eldest son to speak for me.

The sad fact is that the Justice system dictates who will win by who has the most money.

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Jul 29, 2016
It's me, Ellen :)
by: Ellen

Mary Ann it's Ellen, from LOP, CA.
I've been trying to find you since 2000!
Please reach out to me here, I would really love to hear from you and the boys.

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