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Grant For Mom To Get MD Disabled Daughter Wheelchair Accessible Home

by Tania Alt
(Wheeling, Illinois, USA)

My husband and I have been married for 17 years and have two beautiful girls.

Amanda is 16, Emma is 9, my husband, Peter, is 43, and I'm 40.

It took us nine years to finally get a correct diagnosis for Emma. Up until that point, we were told that she had cerebral palsy.

Disability Issues

Over the years we have seen her regress. She used to say a handful of words. She used to walk with a walker and minimal support. She was able to maintain trunk control. She was able to feed herself. She used to be able to sit on her own.

Now she can no longer do any of these things.

We have advocated for Emma and put together a new team of doctors who were able to work together and find the correct diagnosis.

Emma suffers from congenital muscular dystrophy, which is a degenerative neuromuscular disease.

Currently, there is no cure or treatment for this deadly disease!

Science is constantly advancing in their research, but that could take years and in the meantime we are watching our little girl slowly slip away.

She is unable to eat orally and is fed via a G-Tube.

This disease has weakened her heart and lungs and caused her to develop progressive scoliosis.

The heavier she gets the more difficult it is to lift and care for her.

Financial Hardship

We currently live in a mobile home that is not accessible for her wheelchair or medical equipment and we can't make the necessary modifications.

We financially don't have the resources to build or purchase a suitable home for a little girl in a wheelchair.

Emma requires 24-hour care and is dependent on us just to survive.

My husband lost his job over three years ago and has been unable to find a job.

I am unable to work due to my own health and need my husband to help care for Emma.

Income Efforts

The only source of income we have is my SSDI.

All the jobs my husband was able to find don't pay enough to cover the cost of a caregiver that we would have to hire while he is at work.

We receive food stamp benefits but it's not enough to last the entire month.

We've started an online campaign to raise money so we can build or purchase a handicapped accessible home that will accommodate her wheelchair and medical equipment.

Our goal is to make sure her story is seen and heard. We are working tirelessly, but we need your help to promote her website.

You can visit her website and read her story and see her YouTube video. Show your support by making a secure donation in any amount.

The link to Emma's webpage is:


Please join our family in the fight and get Emma a new home!

Specific Needs

Currently we live in a mobile home that is not suitable for a wheelchair or large medical equipment. Since Emma is wheelchair bound she needs to have room to move about freely. She is unable to do so since the doorways throughout the home are too narrow for her wheelchair.

She is unable to enter or exit the home in her wheelchair because there is no ramp. We can't afford to make the necessary modifications so we definitely need financial assistance for a handicap accessible home.

Business Idea

We have started an online campaign for Emma to help raise money and build or purchase a handicapped accessible home.

The problem is her website needs exposure and we have tried to promote her page but haven't had too much success.

The link to her website is:


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