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Grant For Psoriatic Arthritis Disabled Man To Learn To Fly Or Open Store

by Samuel Adams
(Pawhuska, Oklahoma, USA)

My name is Samuel. I am a 49-year-old male. I have a wonderful family like most lower to middle class American families, simple but full of love and respect.

I have three really good kids. My oldest soon to be 22 is married my middle child is attending collage and my youngest is in high school.

We live in a small town and do the best we can.

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Disability Issues

My disability ranges from my feet to my hands. I suffer from psoriatic arthritis caused from a skin disease called psoriasis.

The disease ate my toe bones up and I had to have all ten toes opened up and the rotten bones removed. This in turn caused me a balance problem on top of an already painful foot problem.

The disease progressed to my lower back where it dissolved my vertebrae in the lower part. I was put on fentanyl and basically became a morphine junkie. After five years of being on the drug, I took myself off to try to better my life.

Now my hands are under attack from the disease and I do have some broken fingers. The doctors say there's nothing they can do. To sum up my disability I live to hurt.

Financial Hardship

Having too little money is a major hardship in day-to-day life here. I do own my home thanks to my mother and some good folks that helped at the time. Like all homes though, it has its problems.

For transportation I use an old truck my mother owns. My step dad tries to keep it on the road for me.

Medicare covers my meds and I'm thankful for that. But with an income of $726 a month, after paying food, gas for that truck, bills electric, gas, phone and TV, there's nothing left for emergencies or even day to day needs and or wants.

Income Efforts

I do receive $726 a month from Social Security and it's a blessing.

As for grants and or loans, every grant site I've seen comes down to a $30 fee at the end of the application.

Any other income possibilities around here are limited.

Specific Needs

My request would be I would like to obtain a pilot's license. I read where disabled people can learn to fly and so I checked in to it. If you're in a wheelchair, young, or a veteran you're in.

So I'm looking for a grant for the classes, the books and flight time. It totals up to $8,000. Travel expenses I estimate at $1,500, as the facility is 50 miles away from my house.

Business Idea

Yes to financial freedom. I have put a lot of thought into that. My business dream would be a store that sells bait, tackle, knife, rock and gems.

The hurdle is funding. I have access to a building and it would require some work say $4,500. Then I would need an additional $15,000 for permits and inventory.

So with start-up funding of $20,000, I'd be in business. If the business were to do well, as my friends and I think it would, my life would be set forever.

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