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Grant For Segway To Give Cerebral Palsy Disabled Student Independence

by Eric Gray
(Joppa, MD, USA)

I am 23 years old and I have always done my best to be independent. That being said, I do need your help.

I want to be able to work, socialize, and live my own life.

I am currently a full-time college student with loans I need to pay off.

What I feel I need is a modest estimate of about $4,000 for a Segway. This purchase has been sanctioned by the ADA as a mobility assistance device.

With it, I may be able to affordably travel long distances, run errands, and better support myself.

Disability Issues

I was born with cerebral palsy. It's not the worst case in the world. I don't have seizures nor am I chairbound. I have been somewhat fortunate in that regard.

I am capable of a lot but that doesn't mean I don't have limitations. I have had five surgeries if I remember correctly. I have spent 15 years in rigorous physical therapy to be as capable as I am.

I try to be optimistic and strive to work hard for everything, even though I have to work harder than most.

The most accurate description I can give for my disability classification is athetoid diplegic ataxic cerebral palsy.

Financial Hardship

I have been unable to find paying work since I do not have good transportation. I have been surviving with the help of my twin brother, SSDI, and food assistance.

I acknowledge that a car is more expensive and more than I need. That's why I went to a Segway dealership, was trained on one, and got a price estimate.

The person who trained me on the device has nearly a decade of experience selling Segways to the disabled and to injured vets.

He and I agree that this piece of equipment is best for my needs because of how I intend to use it and the capabilities I do have.

As I said before, I have student debt and I don't make enough money after paying rent to contribute enough to my family.

Income Efforts

I haven't had paid work since high school. I didn't even have that job for long because they were not satisfied with how quickly I was working in spite of knowing my circumstances.

I currently receive SSDI and food assistance as I mentioned before.

I intend to get a good job and contribute to society when I have long range mobility. Things will improve further when I finish getting at least my Master’s degree in psychology.

I already ask for a lot of help from family and friends and I am tired of being a burden on them. The sooner I can get good work and pay off my student loans the better.

Specific Needs

I need a grant to afford a mobility device so I can be more independent and put less of a burden on society and my family.

As I said before, I have already done the research, the testing, and have found what I need.

A Gen 1 Segway with just a few accessories will allow me to sit down on the device, and carry things. That model has a 24 mile range and a speed of roughly 20 mph.

It is light weight, easy to transport in a standard car, easy to turn, and the least expensive option to provide all I need.

Business Idea

My twin brother partially owns a design studio/print company that I volunteer with.

I intend to use the transportation to contribute more to the business and make sales so that his startup will be able to pay me.

I would then begin to save for the opportunity offered to me by the other owner. I can purchase her equity and divide it with my brother’s as we see fit.

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