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Grant For Stroke Disabled USAF Vet To Build Motivational Speaker Business

by Anthony Powell
(Woodridge, Illinois, USA)

My name is Anthony Powell. I am a 51-year-old veteran of the United States Air Force and a graduate of Loyola University with a major in communications.

I have two children, both in college. I am also an author. I write motivational books and want to become a motivational speaker who speaks to social organizations, schools and corporations.

Disability Issues

I am a 50% rated disabled veteran. I have suffered seven strokes and had 37 surgeries, most on my knees and shoulders and also my back.

I was injured while boxing in the United States Air Force and because of my injuries was unable to reenlist.

Since getting out of the Air Force, my injuries have worsened causing many more surgeries. I can't walk long distances, stand for long periods, raise my hands above my head, lift heavy things or drive long distances.

Financial Hardship

I am currently living off of social security disability and VA disability; however, it is hardly enough to pay my bills and have money left over for food, phone, cable, etc.

I have been going to food shelters for groceries and find myself stressed and depressed most of the time because of my financial restrictions.

I am still paying off a car title loan on my car and I lost my home to foreclosure and currently live in a one-bedroom apartment.

I get most of my medication from the VA but those I can't get from there I have to buy and I don't have prescription coverage.

Income Efforts

I am currently receiving SSN disability. I have attempted to get my VA disability rating increased but it was denied. I am appealing that decision.

My church has helped my in the past paying some of my utilities.

I have borrowed money from friends and family members and received no donations or grants in the past.

I want to get all of the books I wrote in print so I can sell them and earn extra money to help pay my bills and fund my motivational business I am attempting to create.

Specific Needs

I am seeking grants to help pay the start up costs of starting a motivational speaking business.

The grant money I need is in the amount of $15,000-$25,000 to cover all aspects of marketing: website, brochures, business cards, etc.

I also need help with training courses, organization fees (National Speakers Association) editing and printing of marketing materials and all books I write, travel to and from conferences and training courses and lodging and product development.

Business Idea

My goal is to become a professional motivational speaker and author. I want to speak to high schools and universities, social organizations, professional organizations as well as small and large corporations.

I will earn money from speaker fees and product sales and book royalties. I want to speak internationally about overcoming adversity and creating a successful, fulfilled life.

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Jul 10, 2013
Strong Will
by: Doug Murphy

I see a strong will and determination. I hope your dream comes true. If or when it does, my concern for you has to do with all the travel required for speaking engagements. Makes me tired just to think about it. But you think you can do it, and that is what's important. Go for it. God bless you.

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