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Grant For Woman With Diabetes And Neuropathy To Get Handicap Home

by Tresa Franks
(Savannah, TN, USA)

I raised three kids by myself by working two and three jobs. I never relied on government assistance even though I could qualify.

I have worked as a nurse for better than 25 years. I was a good nurse. I always wanted to help people who needed a tender heart and hand. I felt that I was making a difference in their lives.

I always felt that doing good deeds for others would be there when I was old and needed help. I will be 60 in October and I live alone.

Being a disabled woman I am at a disadvantage in fixing things. My dryer broke and I no longer have a way to dry my clothes.

My mobile home is leaking and sliding downhill and the carpet is molded. There's not enough room to maneuver my wheelchair.

I love my kids but they struggle to raise their own family. My mother is 80 years old with dementia and she is so difficult to deal with but I handle what I am able to for her.

I have no one to help me. I do pray for mercy more often than I used to. I love to play music and sing but it's difficult to hit the keys these days.

I don't get invited to family gatherings much and that depresses me. So does my living in a rundown mobile home.

Disability Issues

I am a diabetic with neuropathy of feet and legs and now starting in my hands and arms.

I have arthritis of feet, hand, knees, back, neck. I have tarsal tunnel of bilateral feet and the padding of my heels is thinning.

I have bulging discs in my back and spinal stenosis of my cervical spine.

Two doctors say that I have a rare disorder called pheocromosytoma and need the tumors removed. I'm suffering episodes of high blood pressure, frequent urination, vomiting, increased heart rate and stomach pain, along with the sweats and then cold. Shaking is extreme during these episodes.

I also have paramedia tremors often for no apparent reason. I am depressed and very nervous. I get upset very easily and cry quite often. I try to keep this from my family.

My home is one of the biggest sources of my discontentment. I can't get around in it due to pathways too small for wheelchair thus making me having to hold to furniture to get to bed or bathroom.

I'm unable to cook so I eat out of cans. I can't stand on my feet long enough to fix a meal anymore. I try but then cannot eat because of the pain.

My life is useless. I can't help myself let alone help someone else, which gave me purpose in life.

I'm looking for the day God takes me out of this misery. This house is a prison with conditions unfit even for an animal to be housed in. But, it's all I have.

I am constantly sick with respiratory problems due to the mold on the carpets.

I need a house that I can maneuver around in and that is clean to give me a better way to care for myself. However, I have no money and no way to get any.

My disability check goes overdrawn every month just to be able to afford things I need.

I gave all I had in my working days to help others and now that I need help there is no one willing to step up with any kindness.

If I could go back to work I would in a minute, but the pain is unbearable.

Financial Hardship

I draw one check each month on the 3rd from Social Security Disability. By the time I pay the electric bill, utility bill, car insurance, tags and taxes there is not much left for food, gas, meds and personal items.

I have a car, but it will not transport my electric wheelchair. I need a vehicle that comes with an electric lift. My wheelchair weighs 282 pounds and I have no ramp to get it outside and no way to transport it.

I have a walker with a seat on it and it is even difficult to get it in my small car.

I have gone as long as three days without food trying not to overdraw at my bank because they charge $25 for overdrafts.

I have never been this broke. It's hard to go hungry just to keep your bank in the black. I have lost weight.

I myself get only $20 in food stamps yet I know of a convicted felon who gets $169 a month in food stamps and works every day.

No one can live on $20 and I have never committed a crime. We feed criminals better than our elderly.

I don't understand why with as much pain as I am in why I have to go hungry too.

Income Efforts

Just my social security from disability and $20 in food stamps is all I get.

My kids have bought me some sodas in past few months because I had no money.

I have never asked anyone for anything because I don't want to beg people for help when times are hard on everyone. Those that have money are people I don't know.

I looked on the Internet for a job that I could do on the net while in bed and they were all scams so I gave up. Plus they want money ahead and I have none.

Specific Needs

I want a house built on my property that is built to my wheelchair accessible needs and I need a vehicle that has an automatic lift to get my electric wheelchair in with ease.

My house that I want needs to have open spaces so I can get through doors and hallways without bumping walls. I need high seats on commodes where I can get up easier.

Please someone take pity on me and help me. I don't know how much longer my body can tolerate this pain.

I need the care that I have ruined my feet over giving to others. I would not be in this position if pounding concrete and lifting and turning others to help them had not been where my tender heart led me to care for other.

Thank you for reading this and whether you help me or not God Bless You.

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Jul 22, 2013
Am very sorry
by: Rebecca

My name's Rebecca Nakanwagi. I'm disabled too but I always sympathize with those who are touched though I have nothing to do for them because am also in the same boat like you my friends. I pray to God so that we can get good people who can help in all ways. May God bless you all

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