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Grant Funds To Help TMI Stroke Disabled Woman With Medical Expenses

by Brinda Karrer
(Dalton, Georgia, USA)

I am a 47-year-old female. I live in an apartment complex in Dalton Ga.

I do not have family members who are able to help me and the only visitors I have are my home health nurses.

Disability Issues

In 2004 I started having thyroid storms, which were misdiagnosed as anxiety attacks. I have Grave's disease, which attacked the thyroid.

After months of the wrong kind of treatment I was finally diagnosed and had to have my thyroid removed, but not before it had affected my eyesight and parts of the brain.

I now have grand mal seizures and have become bound to a wheelchair due to three TMI strokes over the last two years.

Financial Hardship

At this time I am behind one month on rent and two months deposit payment. All together it is $850.

The apartment is not equipped for a person in a wheelchair. I can't stand for long periods of time so therefore cooking has become a major challenge for me.

I have to pay utilities which generally run at least $235 per month.

I have three doctors that I have to pay up front which run me around $153.

As you can see from my income and my budget, I have to decide each month whether to eat, take my medications or see my doctors.

At this time, I am in real danger of becoming homeless.

Income Efforts

I have researched everything from paid surveys to data entry and shadow shopping. They all came down to one thing… they ask for money that I certainly don't have.

Specific Needs

I need a home that is set up for my disabilities that is affordable on my income. It will have to be inside the city limits so that I can use public transit.

I need to be able to pay utilities, buy food, buy medications and pay my doctors as well.

I have not had a license since 2005.

Also I have to be able to take my chair with me wherever I go so that I am able to get around.

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