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Grant Help For PAD Disabled Single Mom Cindy With Home And Business Dreams

by Cindy Bradshaw Morris
(Winnie, Texas, USA)

I am a very proud, 55-year-old single mother of two boys and one girl with eight grandkids. The oldest is in college in Oklahoma and the next is at the University of Texas. The others are still in elementary through high school.

All are very active in sports including gymnastics and cheerleading, basketball, baseball and of course football. They all stay too busy for me to keep up with.

They are a great bunch of people, all having their own personalities. They are just precious to me. I am very proud I can say they are mine.

My sister Joyce has been my best friend all my life. When we were kids, we were very close to each other and with our parents who were the best parents any kid would want.

Our mom and dad went roller-skating with us. We fished, camped, went swimming, and there they were right along with us.

We moved to Corpus Christie in 1970. Right as I was becoming a teenager, my parents rocked. They danced with us on the beach. Mom would cook what we caught and we would eat right there. We would spend the night, the week. We did so much with them. I truly miss my parents, but I'm really glad our kids had the chance to experience our parents.

I can't describe how much they meant to us. We still cry thinking about them. We thank God for letting them be our parents and how long we had to spend with them.

Disability Issues

In 2002 I was working in a bar and had very heavy things to load: coolers, beer bottles, beer cans, kegs and other assorted bottles of liqueur.

I thought I had pulled a muscle in my back. Well you know everybody is going to diagnose you. I went for at least a year having pain from my back down both legs.

I could walk short distances but for the life of me I could not walk any kind of distance not even the length of my home.

I went to a back doctor who did an MRI on me. The day I went for results he showed me an x-ray. He said that what we were looking at was not supposed to be there. That's the day I found out I had peripheral artery disease.

He immediately called a heart doctor here in Beaumont and sent me to Doctor Sweat's office. That very day they did ultrasounds of both legs.

It wasn't a week later they had me in the hospital doing surgery on me. They cut me from right below my breast and all the way down to both of my legs. They replaced the main artery in my stomach and the wishbone artery that led to both my legs, and in both of my legs.

I was fine after that surgery, or so I thought. I had moved over to Louisiana where I found a new family doctor, Dr. Lannin. She was wonderful until she told me what they had done to me was not a permanent situation.

Dr. Lannin explained it to me like this. She said that they had given me a spare tire. She said it might last six months or it might last 10 years.

I was working again by this time and doing well. I had some thyroid problems. I got the sleep apnea machine going. My legs started giving me problems again. I found a vascular doctor. This was September and he wasn't taking new patients until January.

2009 was my year for hospitals. I stayed in the hospital from January through April. They did another surgery on my right leg, found nodules on my right lung and I went through bioscopy.

I ended up having three of them through the year. Around September, Dr. Kober wanted another bypass on my right leg. Dr. Thomas was right there in case they had to go into the heart. It had three blocked arteries.

The both of them knew how bad my heart was blocked. They found out that I only had one kidney. They decided not to put any more dye in me for it would further damage my left kidney.

Both doctors had told me to go apply for Disability. They both said I should never work again. I did apply for Social Security. They denied me, so I appealed. Again they denied me.

My husband had left me. I could not work. I had just been out of the hospital a week when all these things was going on. I had to move to my sister's house in Winnie Texas, where she and my nephew took care of me. They fed and housed me and bought all my medicines.

I had to get a new doctor so I went up to Winnie clinic. I had been there before. Most of what we called doctors were physicians' assistants. They could keep up with minor things for me but sent me to specialists for major things.

They had all my medical records. I went to Galveston to see doctors but I couldn't pay. Chambers County ended up putting me on indigent health care. The big pharmaceutical companies help me with medicine that Chambers County wouldn't. Chambers County only gave three prescriptions a month, when I was taking as many as 15 different medicines.

When I moved to Winnie I went back to Social Security. This time I had a lawyer go with me and finally got awarded SSI in late 2012.

I had been in and out of the hospital for the past three years with urinary tract infections, lots of flu-like symptoms and pneumonia several times.

In August 2013 I was with a friend and apparently I was acting strange so they called my sister and told her to meet us at Winnie hospital. I personally was not aware of anything.

Winnie hospital had me transferred to St. Mary's hospital. I was having a heart attack, had pneumonia and was septic. They intubated me and had to use the paddles. Intensive care here I come.

I do not remember anything from the last part of June. Still to this day I see little things I remember but for the most part I have no clue. I know I was back in the hospital September, October and November.

They put a stent in my left kidney. I know they are not finished with my PAD. It has spread to my upper body. I have very good doctors and the nurses they saved my life.

Financial Hardship

I was forced to leave my home. My husband had my health insurance drop me along with my car insurance. The state of Louisiana red tagged my driver's license. I had never heard of such a thing, but sure enough I was stripped of my right to drive.

It cost a little over a thousand dollars to get me back on the road. My daughter Chalana paid for my driver's license at $300, the rest came from friends, my sister Joyce and her son Rusty paid the rest.

Other than my daughter Chalana giving me the money for my license, my sister has done it all, until I got my SSI at the end of 2012. When I got on SSI they picked up all medical needs.

I have a sleep apnea machine, oxygen concentrator, a shower chair, bottles of oxygen. I have gone to St. Vincent's for help with food and help with utilities. I had to pay my bank $10 a month to keep my account open. SSI would not send anything except to direct deposit.

Income Efforts

I made several attempts to get my husband to pay for medicine, and gas so I could get to my doctors. He did a couple times, but I could count the times he did on one hand.

I tried to get into online programs. All they wanted was your money and I had none to give them.

I did get my SSI in late 2012. It is now $720 a month.

Specific Needs

Lawyer - Divorce, Will
Suburban - Travel- Grandkids
Walk in bathtub
Computer classes
Sewing machine
Serger machine
Embroidery machine
Material - all sorts
Thread - of all colors
House - I can have some room

I need to make repairs on my sister's house for she has put up with me for over five years. I can never repay her but I could do something nice for her.

I am willing to get advice anyone wants give me.

Business Idea

If I could put a good size wooden storage building in my sister's back yard, with windows and a good size door, I would start sewing and make all kind of things from backpacks to Western shirts.

It would be so neat. I could do specialty items and make from the tinniest to the largest. It would take a couple clothes trees, large clothes stands and one or two mannequins.

I would need sewing tables, and tables to do the cutting. I would need a chair that had wheels so I could go back and forth to each machine.

I could hook a computer to the embroidery machine. Why I could put pictures right off the computer on any kind of material I wanted to, talk about specials, from newborns to papas. I am sure that's what I would do if I were starting a business.

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