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Grant Money For Accident Disabled Marine Vet Amputee To Sustain Business

by Michael Stevens
(Palm Coast, Florida, USA)

I am a 45-year-old single male and former Marine who has owned his own company for over eight years in the muscle car and motorcycle industry.

I have also volunteered with several charities to help others in need and have recently started a non-profit to help veteran and indigent amputees.

Disability Issues

My disability began August 9, 2011 at the Sturgis Bike rally in South Dakota. A negligent biker passing a car in the opposite direction struck my girlfriend and me.

My left leg was severed on the scene three inches above my knee.

After 10 days in the hospital I was sent home to recover and begin physical therapy, forcing me to miss valuable time with my business and finances.

After months of working on several prosthetics and correct fitments, I have finally been able to walk somewhat straight but I continue to still have pain in my stump as well as phantom pains continually.

Financial Hardship

This accident and my current physical hardship have forced incredible financial hardships on my company and my personal finances.

I have yet to be reimbursed for over $12,000 for the air ambulance to get us home after the surgeries.

I have also depleted all of my savings keeping current with my personal and business bills and have been forced to sell personal items to survive.

This hardship has not only damaged me physically and financially but mentally as well, turning a proud, hard working business owner into a poverty stricken, soon to be unemployed and struggling man.

Income Efforts

I have made several attempts to receive small business aid from disability or disabled business owners groups but to no avail.

I have attempted to obtain business and even personal loans to save our company. But with our industry and the lack of lending the past several years we have been turned away at every point.

Specific Needs

First and foremost I want to save my business and get the operating capital I need to do so.

I am not looking for a handout. I merely want to continue to follow the American dream of being a successful business owner.

I also could use legal guidance with my process as well.

Business Idea

For over eight years without ever carrying any business debt or advertising, we have averaged over $3.25 million in gross sales annually.

We export vehicles in over nine countries and have a domestic, marketing database of over 1,000 contacts, suppliers and dealerships.

Due to the loss of my leg and the financial turmoil that carried with it, it has depleted all our reserves and personal savings to the brink of possibly closing our doors if we don't receive an operating line or loan, grant.

We have the books, financials and longevity to be a poster child for a business loan but the fear of the vehicle industry followed by years of economical hardship, have made it near impossible to get a loan as a small business owner.

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