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Grant Money For Spina Bifida Disabled Woman To Get Electric Wheelchair

by Sherry E. Moore
(Fostoria, OH, USA)

My name's Sherry Moore. I was born with Spinal Bifida and I am now 56 years old.

I used to walk with braces and crutches but 15 years ago I had to have the bone in my right hip removed because the blood supply to the bone was somehow cut off. I was told this was connected to my birth defect. I am also prone to pressure sores.

I live alone and about 14 months ago I purchased an electric wheelchair so that I could be more independent. However, the electric wheelchair stopped working.

I called the company and they said they would send me the parts to do the repairs myself. I told them over and over I couldn't do it because I cannot stand.

For over a month I have been confined to my home because they have not come to fix my chair or to even loan me a replacement so I can get around.

As of today I m still confined to my apartment. I called the company Orbital Medical every day from May 1 through 26. There are times when it stops running altogether and I have to crawl to where I need to go.

I would like help to purchase a new Hoveround, a more reliable wheelchair that comes with a repair contract. I am on Social Security Disability so I can't afford to get it myself.

The power stick on the one I have is always coming out and when that happens you cannot control the chair and if it happened when I was trying to cross the street I could get hit by a car or I could hit a car and be seriously injured.

I also get pressure sores on the back of my legs and on my buttocks. I need the new chair because it will come with a new Roho High Profile Cushion, which would lessen greatly my chances of ever getting those sores again.

I truly need help to get the new chair. It will improve my quality of life as well as my independence.

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Jun 29, 2010
Resource Links Added
by: Katina from Ability-Mission.org

As a disabled person myself, I can sympathize with your situation and I definitely understand your need for help.

I've done a bit of research and found this resource for you:

Community Resources in Fostoria Chamber Of Commerce

Others reading your story may be able to contribute more.

In any case, please let us know if they've been helpful to you.

Good luck!

Katina from Ability-Mission.org

Jun 25, 2010
Finding Used Power Chairs
by: Anonymous

While waiting for the Government, which could take a long time, I suggest that you check your local newspaper ads and pawnshops for used power chairs or scooters. Most of the time you can pick one up for 0-$200. Your church might also help you with one. I've had a Hoveround, Jazzy, Dalton, Carette, and several others, and I will NEVER get in another Hoveround, because that is the most dangerous one I've driven. Here's hoping you get some fix to your problem ASAP.

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