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Grant Money For Stroke Disabled Dad To Pay Utilities And Start A Business

by Sam Morrow
(Vancouver, WA, USA)

I am a 41-year-old male with four children. I have a 16-year-old daughter, a 14-year-old daughter and a set of 3-year-old twin boys. My family means the world to me.

I went through one divorce at a young age. I remarried in my 30s and I am currently in the midst of a divorce from my second marriage. I am anxiously awaiting the next chapter of my life.

Disability Issues

I became permanently disabled in July of 1999. I was 27 years old with a young wife, a 3-year-old and 5-month-old baby girl. I was hiking in the woods of central Oregon and I suffered a debilitating stroke caused by an artificial heart valve throwing a clot.

Overnight, I went from a strong, active 27-year-old male into a weak, confused, broken man. I suffered partial paralysis on my left side that left me unable to walk, tie my shoes, button my clothes or zip my pants. The list of what I was unable to do is seemingly endless.

I began a slow, grueling process of rehabilitation in the hospital for over three months. I was discharged only to continue years of physical and occupational therapy while at home. The progress made through years of physical therapy was minimal at best.

I continue to struggle with activities of daily living. I am unable to do many of the daily activities that people take for granted. I am still 100% disabled and unable to work due to my condition.

Financial Hardship

When I became disabled I had recently become a first time homebuyer. I owned two vehicles and I had a great full time career. Upon becoming disabled in 1999, I had to sell my dream home because I couldn't keep up on the mortgage. I lost both of my vehicles because I couldn't afford the car payments and insurance.

Due to the financial strain of losing my job and medical costs, along with other stressors associated with my disability, my wife of nine years and I went through a divorce. This caused even more stress in my life.

I had a nervous breakdown and struggled with depression along with my physical ailments resulting from my strokes. I found myself unable to meet minimal financial responsibilities. My medical bills became overwhelming. I haven't been able to afford insurance coverage for my car.

Many months I have had to ask family members for help to buy groceries or pay utilities. Fourteen years later I didn't think I would still find myself struggling to pay the rent, cover utilities, and find ways to eat and pay for gas.

Income Efforts

When I had my stroke that caused my disability I was a college graduate with a four-year degree in communications and video productions.

After months of rehabilitation I attempted to resume a career in television production. I quickly found out the physical demands of re-entering the workforce were too demanding for a person with my condition.

At that point I had to re-evaluate my life purpose and refocus my life aspirations and career path. I began to consider returning to college to change my career path. I decided to earn a Master’s degree in Education.

Upon earning my Master’s degree I began to work in a classroom with disabled students. While working with disabled students I decided to earn my certificate to teach children with special needs. I earned a license to teach special education in the state of Washington.

After two years of full-time teaching in special education classrooms I was unable to be tenured within a school district. I was terminated at the end of two one-year contracts and I have been unable to be hired again.

I am currently on SSDI, but it hardly covers my rent. I have nothing left over at the end of the month. I am trying to find part-time work where I can tolerate the physical demands, but that is hard to find even with my education and experience.

Employers are reluctant to hire someone with a disability. I have exhausted the help of friends and family. I am in need of immediate help and I have nowhere to turn.

Specific Needs

I am in need of any assistance I can get. I am in a unique housing situation because I am able to rent from a family member for $950 a month. My monthly SSDI payment is $937 a month, leaving me $13 short a month on rent alone. This leaves me with no money to pay for utilities, gas, garbage and other household expenses.

To this point I have been using life savings to supplement my SSDI, but my resources are used up. I am at a desperate point in my life and again I am in need of assistance. At this point I feel I am in need of financial assistance.

I would love a grant to buy the home I'm currently renting. I could use therapy for depression and anxiety. I am in need of an advocate and any assistance I can get. I feel like my life has been spiraling out of control for 14 years since my disability. Please help!

Business Ideas

I would love to start a business as an educational consultant, day treatment provider, and tutor for children with special educational needs. I meet all of the requirements necessary to run this type of establishment and I think there is a definite need for this kind of an educational setting.

I would need funding to rent or buy an appropriate space. I would need some start up money to furnish my property and buy materials needed to run this type of business. I would need start up money for proper advertising. This is a pie in the sky dream, but you asked.

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