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Grant Money To Get Proper Medical Care For Accident Disabled Mom

by Aprylle Bradam
(Tyler, Texas, USA)

I am Aprylle Bradam. I am 39 years old with three children and I am a single disabled parent.

I moved to Tyler two years ago to get my youngest son on the right path in life, as I believed he might have been headed to a life in a gang. I am proud to say it was the right choice.

I worked in the childcare industry for many years and became quite successful.

I started as a pre-K teacher for four year olds who were mostly under Child Protective Custody for reasons ranging from parental neglect all the way to having parents who have murdered or the children being raped.

These children took a special place in my heart so much so that I had to testify at some pretty difficult custody hearings.

I took my career to a respectable level and became an active voice for the children in my care. I became an active force in the community through many programs.

I became a center director at my school so I could further my voice for the children and I also became highly involved in the education of my staff and other company employees.

I was qualified to work and become a mentor to many teachers through our education department out of the corporate office.

I lived my life for the security, safety and education of all the children that came through my school. My love has always been children.

Having three children of my own made me a bit wiser and stronger. I always put my children first.

I was a single parent for many years raising Brian and Brittany. Brian is now 21 years old and he works for a non-profit organization taking care of the nutrition of our county's shut-ins and the elderly.

Brian is also a part-time college student who is trying his best to better himself for the family he hopes to have one day.

Brittany I am proud to say is in the United States Navy. She plans to make a career out of it. I am especially proud of her as she has taken a role to take care of our soldiers near and far since she has now completed Nursing at a base in San Antonio, TX.

I later had my youngest son, Jordan and he is the football star at his junior high school. He is a very bright child and thankfully now on the right track in life.

He has aspirations to go to the NFL and I fully believe and encourage his ambitions. He has dreams and as long as a parent believes in and sponsors those dreams they will help their child become successful.

I am not on state assistance for the care of my son and I am a single parent raising him the best I can.

I am still a child advocate and would love to someday go back to college and degree in child psychology so that I could become a professional to help those without a voice, our nation's children.

Disability Issues

On a September day in 2009 I had a life altering car wreck that ended my career in the childcare field and has left me with many disabilities.

I was on the way to pay my car insurance, which had lapsed by a week or so.

My oldest son Brian called and told me he got out of school early for a pep rally so I changed my direction to go and get him.

I was three blocks from the school when the accident happened. I had just pulled off from a yield sign and maybe got my speed up to 25-30 mph.

I saw a car on my right that was approaching the driveway from a shopping center. I changed lanes. That was the last thing I remember. The following details were provided to me from witnesses.

After I changed lanes the other vehicle never stopped coming from that private driveway. The driver proceeded at approximately 35 mph from that driveway and hit my car so hard that I was pushed across four lanes of traffic now facing oncoming traffic at the edge of another driveway to a shopping center on the other side of the road.

Fortunately, a lady witnessed the accident and saw it before impact happened and was already on the phone with 911 allowing them to respond to the scene in under two minutes. The roads in that area were shut down for quite a bit, so that EMS and the first responders could help me.

After impact (as I am told), my phone rang and that same woman answered it. Brian was then informed that I was involved in a severe accident. Somehow Brian got to the scene.

When I was extracted from vehicle I was injured from my waist on up. The seat belt held me in place causing bruising at the lap and collarbone. The air bag deployed causing injury to my face and arms.

I was told that after they got me from my car I was off balance and I couldn't talk like I normally did. I developed a severe stutter and uncontrollable movements of my head and extremities.

My son had to make the first difficult decision of his life, one to help his mother. Rush her to the hospital; she isn't normal. Brian was 17. I was transported from the scene by ambulance in unimaginable pain.

The witness who called 911 took care of my three children that afternoon. She made sure Brian was able to get Brittany and Jordan from school. Brittany was 15 and Jordan was almost 10.

She took Brian to take his sister home and get clothes for Jordan and took him to his father's house and finally brought Brian to the hospital to help in making medical decisions for me.

Brian came to the hospital and I was in the waiting room. I was never even registered to the hospital even two hours later.

I should have been immediately placed in a room after the ambulance got me there but instead I was placed in the waiting room and forgotten about.

By now my mother in New Jersey had been contacted and she made sure I was then taken care of. After being placed in the room I was taken for x-rays and medicated.

I was told I had a neck sprain and sent on my way. None of my original complaints were addressed.

Twenty-seven hours later I was back in the emergency room. My condition had worsened dramatically.

I had a CAT scan and it was determined that I had two dissections at the base of my brain. These dissections have caused memory loss, equilibrium and balance issues, seizures, psychological and other neurological problems.

I currently have a stuttering issue, seizures, memory loss, balance problems, mental processing issues, no taste or sense of smell, post traumatic stress disorder, depression, anxiety, adult onset attention deficit hyper disorder and obsessive compulsive disorder.

After many months, I was finally diagnosed with the seizures and I am currently on medications to help control them. I walk with assistance and Brian and Brittany wound up having to take care of me the last three years.

I have been unable to return to the work I love and without my children I probably wouldn't have the strength to continue.

Financial Hardship

Due to my accident I had to resign my position with Kinder Care. I no longer could effectively and safely run a child care facility in my condition.

I soon lost my home. I was buying a home I had hoped to pass along to my children. I was trying to live the American dream. I didn't have a car because it was totaled in the accident and neither driver had insurance.

I lived for a while with the help of my parents and then they couldn't maintain my costs because it became too much for them.

My children suffered because I didn't have any financial support. They went without clothes and sometimes we went without eating.

I am currently taking medications I can't afford and I don't have medical insurance. I cannot reasonably take my medications properly and this causes me to have more and more seizures, pain and disorganization of life.

I walk with the assistance of either a cane or walker depending on the level of pain. I borrow a vehicle or have someone take me to appointments because I cannot afford my own transportation.

I am in need of extensive brain therapy, back surgery, medications and speech therapy but without insurance and the financial means I cannot get the help I need.

I am not getting any better and I live in constant pain. I am suffering.

Income Efforts

It took two and a half years from the time of my accident to get Social Security Disability benefits. I started to receive them in March of 2012.

I am unable to work, as I am now a liability to any company that might hire me. In addition, my medical conditions keep me in bed quite often.

I had food stamps up until I started receiving SSDI then those were cut out because I get $1000 a month on disability and my son gets $800 a month.

I do not have insurance, as Medicare won't start for me until June 2014. I am not able to get Medicaid for myself due to the income I have from SSDI.

I do not have financial help from anyone else other than my daughter when she can help every once in a while. Military personnel are not paid very well and Brittany needs to live too.

Specific Needs

I am looking to try and secure some grants that will help me get the proper medical attention I still require and possibly some type of transportation so I can stop relying on people.

I also would like to find a support group to help me psychologically as I have suffered some devastating disabilities and still need help coping with them.

Any type of assistance or grants that I may be able to receive would greatly help my family and me.

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