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Grant Money To Help Bipolar And MS Disabled Veteran Regain Independence

by Kevin Carpenter
(Rochester, New York, USA)

I am a 55-year-old divorced veteran. I share my city residence with my fiancée, bird, cat and my seven-week-old German Shepherd/Husky puppy.

I have one son who is 35. He has given me four beautiful grandchildren, three living and one deceased.

I have ridden motorcycles my entire life, up until recently, when I had to retire the passion.

At one point I was involved with drag racing and held a record at Englishtown, New Jersey.

I have also driven a truck for better than 30 years, both local and cross-country. When my profession took me coast to coast, I chose to live in several different states, yet I always seem to come back to New York.

Disability Issues

I am totally disabled, beginning with bipolar disorder.

In 1993, I was involved in a motorcycle accident, where I nearly lost my leg. Doctors told me IF they could save it, I would most likely not be able to walk again.

Fortunately, I defied the odds and was not only able to walk, but I could ride again!

In 2009, I had an automobile accident in which I was pronounced dead at the scene. I had a severe head injury, which resulted in 43 staples to close my wound.

As a direct result of the head injury, I suffered seizures, which have since disappeared.

A few years ago, I was diagnosed with spinal stenosis. Many of my discs are herniated. Surgery to repair my spine is not currently an option as I have also been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.

Most days I am 50% functional from early morning until about noon, though there are days I am not functional at all. I usually require assistance when I am walking, whether it is a walker, wheelchair or two people to help steady me on either side. I find I lose my balance and fall on a frequent basis.

Financial Hardship

Being on a fixed income is definitely not easy. My medical costs have more than quadrupled in the last three years.

I am continually visiting the chiropractor, neurologist and my primary care physician, not to mention all the blood work, MRIs and x-rays.

Prescriptions are a large part of my medical issues, as we have yet to find something to help me maintain my independence.

I cannot afford to purchase a wheelchair, nor electric scooter to help me to get around.

I have difficulty lifting my legs, which makes it hard for me to get into a tub to shower.

I live in a two-story house and it is difficult for me to climb stairs, yet I cannot afford to move.

More often than not, I depend on others to drive me around to appointments and wherever else I need to go.

Although I can still drive at times, I have had instances where my feet have slipped off the pedals. I am thinking some hand controls would work excellent for me, yet I know I cannot afford them.

Another thought is a handicap van, since I will be using a wheelchair very soon. My fiancée works, but is a severe asthmatic and most of her money goes for her health care. We barely make ends meet.

Income Efforts

Being that I am totally disabled, there is not much one can do for work in this situation. I have attempted to get involved in a few work-at-home things, but have yet to find one that is not a scam.

I do not have an excess of money to throw away on bogus business. We live from paycheck to paycheck and then some. Most weeks we are in the hole before the money ever hits the bank

Specific Needs

It's difficult to describe my specific needs as I feel I have many.

Much of the time, I need help to even put my shoes and socks on.

I would like to gain some level of independence again.

I have looked into a Hoveround motorized chair/scooter. At least with this, I would be able to go places again, even if it were to a store.

I am also interested in a van, which would be handicap accessible, or a lift for the back of the car to accommodate a Hoveround or similar chair.

I would also like a cane that fits my size (the one I have is too short) for the days that I am able to walk some.

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