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Grant Money To Help Bipolar Disabled Man Build Successful Online Business

by Monte Harris
(Milwaukie, Oregon, USA)

I am a 52-year-old Caucasian male. I am divorced. I am currently living with my mother and helping her achieve stability and deal with her Parkinson's disease.

I have no children. I am left-handed, a self-published poet and an entrepreneur.

I have some very supportive family members and some wonderful friends.

Disability Issues

I was diagnosed with manic depression (bipolar disorder) in 1984. I am what the medical profession considers a high-functioning manic-depressive. I have held jobs and can integrate well with society.

The ups and downs, and mood swings can be very difficult to work with. I am actually doing quite well with my mental state. The Lithium I have taken these many years is a very minimal dose and has served me well.

I had a major manic episode in 1984, and another one in 1988. Since then I have not had major issues with the disorder.

I have had a lot of depression issues to deal with, but through counseling and exercise and diet I live a fairly happy life.

Financial Hardship

I have worked in manufacturing in many capacities these last 15 years and was recently laid off on February 1, 2013. The amount I get for unemployment is paltry, and barely pays my bills.

The benefits only last 26 weeks. After that I don't know what will happen. I am a hard worker, never miss work, am punctual and hard working, and yet I always seem to get laid off.

As I grow older it gets harder to find a job and it leads to a snowball effect. The layoffs lead to depression. I quit going to the gym, eat more, gain weight and become more depressed. It becomes a vicious cycle.

Income Efforts

I am currently seeking employment and have some solid leads.

I am not seeking charity and am actively seeking self-sufficiency.

I see bipolar as a blessing and a curse. I can accomplish so much when I can direct my focus, but when depression hits, life is hard.

I find odd jobs, and sell a few things on eBay, but primarily I post my resumes online and scour the Internet for leads. I believe success is on the horizon.

Specific Needs

I seek a business grant to help me go into full launch of my business.

I have used my own money while gainfully employed, but losing the job really tightened things up to a high degree.

With a grant I could really do a few things in the promotion arena to help get my site the visibility it needs.

Business Idea

I have created a website, http://www.connectavision.net, and have high hopes that I can help a lot of people and find a niche for myself as well.

I have people in my life who believe in what I am trying to achieve. Thank you so much for what you do it is very much appreciated.

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