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Grant Money To Help CP Disabled Newlywed Acquire Family Home

by Fred Morgan
(Genoa City, WI, USA)

I am 30 and I will turn 31 soon. I have moved around for most of my life. I have never really had a place to call my own.

I just recently got married.

I have worked off and on since I was 13 years old. I have never given up on anything. I am a very determined person.

I am sick of jumping from one house to another. I just want to stay in one place for a while. I am tired of renting. I would like a home I feel safe in and won’t worry about being kicked out of.

I want to feel like I accomplished something in my life besides work. I help people when I can.

Disability Issues

Before I was born my parents got into a car accident which ended up cutting off oxygen to my brain. A few of my brain cells died, which affected my hand/eye coordination and the use of my legs to a point.

I have cerebral palsy and a backwards hip. I walk with crutches and I am also in a wheelchair. It is getting harder and harder to find work.

I try not to let my disability get in my way but as I get older it slows me down.

I'm not one that likes to talk about my disability. It is getting to the point where my disability is getting in the way of me finding work.

Some days I can't move at all.

Financial Hardship

Due to how little the government gives me I have lost a few homes.

When I got married my SSD was lowered. I lost my own apartment because of it. I wasn't told that when I got married they would cut my amount.

I am having trouble paying old bills. It is not because of a lack of trying, it’s just I do not make enough. I don’t want people feeling sorry for me.

My disability is getting in the way of work. I am hoping to get a grant for a house for my wife and me.

I can't pay for my medication because we have too many bills to pay off. I can't afford a car and I can't afford to pay people for gas if they give me a ride.

Income Efforts

I do receive SSI and SSDI. I tried to get a job but have had no luck. I'm not a man who likes to ask for help.

I don’t look at a grant as free money because if I get what I need I am going to have to work harder to keep it. There is no such thing as free in this world and I have known that all my life.

My dad was a working man and my mom was a working women. Watching them go through what they went through makes me realize anything worthwhile is hard work.

Specific Needs

My specific need is to find a grant so I don’t have to worry about moving again.

I want to start my own family with my wife. It is hard to start a family when you are constantly moving around and worrying you will not have a roof over your head.

I want to own my own house so my wife and I have someplace to call home.

My credit is not the best. I have worked in the past but it's getting to the point where I can't work anymore.

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