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Grant Money To Help Man With Multiple Disabilities Acquire Home Or Farm

by Paul Cunningham
(Willcox, AZ, USA)

I am a 47-year-old male. I live with my wife and two dogs in an old mobile home on my in-law's property in Willcox, Arizona. I am part Cherokee Indian, part German or Dutch, and Scottish or Irish.

Disability Issues

In 2009, I was diagnosed with diabetes and high cholesterol and high blood pressure.

In 2010 I had congestive heart failure, and was diagnosed with COPD, spinal stenosis, degenerative disc disease, osteoarthritis, depression, severe obesity, gout, kidney failure, neuropathy and sleep apnea.

I take 14 different prescription medications, including a CPAP machine and oxygen concentrator.

I have dental problems and can't afford to get my teeth fixed.

Financial Hardship

I was awarded $1012 in SSD benefits. Of that, $427 is our truck payment and insurance.

My wife and I live in a mobile home that is $350 a month plus we have to pay utilities, cable, phone and propane gas.

My wife is currently out of work fighting to get her unemployment benefits.

My Medicare Advantage plan covers my medication, but my oxygen concentrator and my CPAP machine are not running correctly and we can't afford new ones.

I would like to get a grant to start my own ranch, but my credit is not the best due to medical bills. I used to work as a cowboy when I was younger, so I know how to run a ranch. I just need help to get started.

Income Efforts

I have tried to get started in a work-from-home job, but you have to pay most of the time to get started.

I receive benefits from SSD and my wife's family helps out when they can.

My wife does get food stamps, but $157 a month doesn't go far.

Specific Needs

I would like to get a grant to either buy our own home or buy an existing farm or ranch. The house we live in leaks, it's very drafty and falling apart.

Business Idea

I want to buy a farm or ranch or land that I can raise cattle, horses, pigs, chickens, turkeys, sheep, etc.

I will need to buy equipment such as four ATVs, tractor, saddles, fencing, seeds or alfalfa, and a sprinkler system for irrigation.

We will most likely have to fix up the house or buy a manufactured home to put on the property, drill one or two wells, build a barn, corrals, hog pens, chicken coops, etc.

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