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Grant Money To Help Woman Disabled By Spinal Injuries Be More Autonomous

by Patricia Ferrari
(Bradenton, Florida, USA)

My name is Pat Ferrari. I have one daughter 37 and one grandson 15. I'm living in Bradenton Florida, and attending online college.

I decided to return to college to obtain a BA in Religious studies and then go on to a Masters in Theology.

I was in the entertainment industry all my life and very successful. When I moved to Florida in 2007, taking care of my dying father and now living mother, there were very few opportunities in my field of television.

I decided to re-invent myself and study theology and philosophy. I am a 3.8 GPA with hopes in graduating in the fall of 2013.

I have been accepted to master's programs at several universities. I have decided to do the online studies at St. Leo University.

It is never to late to be what you might have been.

Disability Issues

I have been disabled since 2001. I had spinal injuries that prevent me from living a normal life.

Later, after 911, where I was a first responder, I have suffered post traumatic stress disorder.

I am surviving bilateral stage 3C breast cancer with severe problems with my left lung due to the World Trade Center.

Since the cancer diagnosis, I have had ovarian and tubal cancer, which has been removed.

I am thankful that I am able to continue life, in God's Graces with hope and enthusiasm for a better tomorrow.

I need to continue counseling for PTSD from the World Trade Center event and can't afford the services.

It has increasingly become more difficult to live through another 911 each year.

Financial Hardship

I have had catastrophic medical issues throughout 2001-2012. Medical co-pays and medicines have placed me in a terrible financial position.

I live in a 2nd floor condo and need to have a lift placed to assist me with the stair issue. I cannot believe how difficult it has become to simply go up and down the stairs. It is painful and difficult.

My home also needs to have renovations in plumbing, bathrooms, kitchen etc. It is becoming run down because I cannot afford any further monies towards improvement.

I am attending online college and going to proceed to a master's in the fall of 2013. I am trying to make a better life financially for me with job offers from the Diocese when I have completed my degrees.

I need assistance to clear my medical bills, disable proof my home and continue college.

I do receive government loans that must be re-paid and would like grants and help for disabled individuals.

Income Efforts

I receive disability and have received a Pell Grant for my education.

I continue to search for education grants and have applied and received additional subsidized loans from FASA.

All of these loans must be re-paid and hopefully with additional grants, I may continue without loans to re-pay.

I continue to strive for a financially independent life, but, with catastrophic circumstances, it seems that I never get ahead.

Specific Needs

I am seeking grants for disabled persons.

I am a woman who is 60 and continue to apply for several opportunities through college.

I do receive Disability, but it is not enough to live comfortably and to make my condo disabled friendly.

I would like educational grants and home improvement grants.

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