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Grant Money To Help Woman Disabled By Violent Domestic Abuse Find Peace

by Angela Lacorte
(Brooklyn, New York, USA)

My name is Angela Lacorte. I'm a 55-year-old female. I'm now unfortunately living in a transitional house with my partner of nine years who is also my caretaker.

Before that I was a victim of domestic violence. It's funny. My family couldn't understand why but I never wanted to scare them.

It's because my abuser knew where my daughter, mother, brother and sister lived and threatened me with them.

I ended up in jail basically boiled down to my abuser now. For the past 11 years, I'm clean trying to help women here going through what I went through.

Disability Issues

Due to the severe abuse I suffered, I am now a homebound totally disabled woman with multiple musculoskeletal and spine disorders.

I have spinal stenosis and spinal damage. My neck is totally damaged. My legs have been so beaten I hardly walk.

I need a hip replacement due to a karate kick.

My eyes have implants due to trauma, cataracts, panic disorder, PTSD, diabetes and COPD.

I have many more findings in my MRIs. I have all the paperwork but I would be writing for hours.

I've lost muscle to the point I just drop things out of my hand. I can't walk really. The walker makes it harder.

Financial Hardship

I am on disability with no means of transportation. My ambulance service is so unreliable half the time I'm late or don't make my appointment and they only do medical.

My partner/caretaker himself is disabled. From years of working as an electrician, his body has broken down and he can't work.

I have doctors' letters for me to live somewhere healthy and safe for me. Now I live in a transitional house where I can't have surgery due to my health being compromised.

I need an SUV to move next year. I want to go to Springfield Massachusetts where my best friend is but I need help with a little home.

I have diabetes and it is not under control. The food is so expensive here.

I take pain medication: morphine, oxycodone and klonopin. It barely works. I'm always in pain. I hate taking this medication but doctors say I have no choice.

I have bills. I can't save money living here in Brooklyn. I'm trying to move and get an SUV to pack up and leave.

It feels like some faraway dream to me. I don't want a lot: a little SUV, a small house and being able to take care of my health the best I can.

I can't do this where I am now. I might get a new hip but my other disabilities will worsen.

All I want is a little comfort and the ability to live a clean, healthy, low-income life.

I am so distraught. I've tried to do things to make money at home. The majority are all scams.

Who do I trust? Who do I turn to? I have no one except my partner. I can't dress myself. The shower is unsafe. There are bugs and all kinds of health issues here.

I dream of the day I'm in my own little home driving to a good hospital to get my new hip.

I don't expect a free ride. Sometimes I dream I can pay things off little by little. I can't live in this house any longer.

I'm scared sometimes for our safety and I would do anything to leave here.

My past wasn't pretty but I worked so hard to become the woman I've become today.

I barely have enough money to get by in the city on a daily basis. My disabilities are keeping me stuck and as long as I live here the worse I get physically, mentally and emotionally.

I would love to move by next May when I'm off parole.

For 12 years I've worked for my sobriety.

My issue with jail was in 2003. Now all these years later I have become a member of society I can be proud of.

I've tried catholic charities and got no help.

I went through American hope resources. They have led me around in circles. A lot of these organizations claim how they can help you but they really don't.

I collect SSI. Like I said it doesn't get you far nowadays.

My family is not going to help me. All I had was my mother and she passed away. My father has been deceased for years. My daughter is in her own world. My sister lives in Long Island with her family.

We are not a very close family. My father once said, "Angela, your family will be the family you make."

Anyway, my family drinks and I think does drugs. I will not put myself in that position.

Income Efforts

I have tried to work on phone surveys, but most of them are scams.

I have people calling to help them evaluate products. They send a check and I rip it up because they want me to wire money and I know what that's about.

I get SSI and barely make it in NYC. It is so expensive.

My one best friend is struggling herself.

I do not ask my family for anything. They have their own life and won't help.

I tried the mayor's office for the disabled, but that was something where they give you numbers to call.

I did make the calls, but before I knew it I was back to where I started.

How do people post help for the low income and disabled and then want you to pay fees? I can barely live now.

Grants we have looked into are either scams or are asking for money. Believe me, I've tried everything and there is always a price to pay, literally.

Then I met you Accessible.org and I believe God has sent me to you. This may be my hope to change my life my abuser made sure I went to jail with.

Specific Needs

The thing I seek the most is someone will read my story and be compassionate enough to realize that my story could be theirs.

I'm not asking for a handout. I'm asking for grant help for the disabled, a reasonably monthly payment and a chance at life.

Just to walk again would change my world.

I want people to see this and be willing to open their hearts to me and show me the real way to a grant or any type of benefit.

I try to walk with a walker. It really doesn't help. My partner tries his hardest, but he is getting worse.

I feel so lost, alone and sometimes defeated.

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Aug 25, 2013
by: angel lacorte

I'd like to thank Theresa and Phyl for their beautiful, inspiring comments. It means a lot to have people take notice, and to care enough about me that they take the time to try to understand my issues. Thanks again. Angela

Aug 24, 2013
Is there any help out there?
by: angelas partner

I am Angela's partner. It's so sad to see so many bad people in this world. We just tried to go to an appointment and the driver of the ambulette just abused my wife so bad she went into shock. The driver turned into an animal and started screaming at us, driving like crazy. She hurt her hip, got more whiplash. All the abuse came back. It's a sin what happened and he just walks away. She is so bad right now, I want to go to the TV stations. I just don't know how to help. Anybody any ideas? Any lawyers reading this, Let me know. magicmanphyl@gmail.com

Aug 24, 2013
by: Theresa

I know Angela, and I know how hard she struggles day-to-day to survive. Her living situation is not healthy, nor is it safe. I have visited her and know this to be fact. I truly hope that Angela gets the help that she deserves. It is a daily struggle trying to stay healthy and safe in the environment that she is in. Angela is not asking for a handout; she is asking to have a chance to live a safe and healthier life. She has survived the horrific abuse of a domestic partner many years ago. Angela has stayed strong. I wish her much love, light, and happiness and a chance to be able to live the rest of her years without having to worry how to get to a doctor's appointment or where her next meal will be coming from. Her relocation to Springfield, MA would be excellent for her. Her best friend there is also a counselor, and a positive person. It would be a perfect place for her to live where she can get help she so truly deserves. Angela has no idea I am writing this, but I wish for her to know, I am behind her 100%, and if I could, I would help, but I am also on a limited income. Please help her. Many Blessings,Theresa Forrester.

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