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Grant Money Will Help Crohns And Ataxia Disabled Couple Fund Nonprofit

by Robert Noell
(Stockbridge, Georgia, USA)

Even though my wife and I are both disabled, we are still very much in love and do our best to take care of each other.

We both have our own disabilities and the problems associated with them. Yet, we know there are others who are worse off than us and we pray that they will get some relief as well.

My wife has a rare form of MD called Friedreich's Ataxia and needs grant money to help her acquire a power chair car lift so she can take her power chair outside of our duplex and into the real world.

We would also really like, if available, some grant money to help us fix up the damage that her power chair has done to this rented duplex and then some money and help to finally be able to buy us our own disability-abled house.

I have a really bad case of Crohn's disease accompanied by severe depression and am no longer able to work. I occasionally substitute teach when I am not in the hospital or just too sick to work that day.

I fall into the category that I have heard of as "underinsured." I have prescription insurance, but it has such high copays that I am unable to afford to buy my meds each month.

I also had to file bankruptcy a couple of years ago which wiped clean all my medical bill debts, but I stay so sick and in the hospital so much that they are starting to build up on my credit report again.

I would like grants to help me with these issues, BUT what I really want is grant money to start a nonprofit corporation that will be used to help others in some of our own situations get the money they need so the suffering can lessen for all of us.

I have been researching how to start a nonprofit corporation and I know that it is a really big deal, hard to achieve, and really hard to get funding for, but what else do I have to do? I'm disabled!

I hope you guys can get this letter to some people who can either help us or forward it on to someone else who can help us. We just want to help others who are facing the same obstacles as us or worse.

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