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Grant Money Will Help Woman With Bipolar Disorder Finish Bachelor Degree

by Angela Vick
(Jacksonville, FL, USA)

I'm a 47-year-old female, married for 12 years to a pastor who works at a seminary. We have four grown children and four grandchildren.

It is my intention to finish my degree and teach part-time at a local vocational school in the field of massage therapy and alternative medicine.

I have worked part-time in the field on and off but find I am more drawn to teaching.

Disability Issues

In 2008 I had a breakdown while working for Merrill Lynch and after being laid off. The stress of the job and the corporate environment took a major toll on my psyche.

During my time there, I wasn't aware that it was breaking me, just that I was "stressed" and hanging on by a thread.

I was sent to see a psychiatrist through an outpatient program and received my diagnosis. After initial counseling, it became clear that I had these problems my entire life.

I am currently on SSD for Bipolar, ADD, borderline personality disorder, and many other conditions.

Before my diagnosis my life was a disaster but I managed to survive it without turning to drugs or alcohol.

The manic/depressive roller coaster I lived on was managed only because my parents had taught me self-control. They had no clue that there were other issues with me.

I take a handful of medications daily to keep me stable and help me be as productive as possible and provide me the ability to be more social and tolerate being around people.

The difference in my personality and ability to concentrate on course work is amazing.

As a student in high school I fought hard to be an "average" student and hated being there and never felt like I needed to study (and never did) to pass my course work.

Now, I am able to concentrate, remember what I've read, and actually enjoy the experience of learning, and the challenge of new subjects.

Financial Hardship

My medications are quite expensive, but we manage to get by.

I am currently unable to work at a conventional job but am working toward a degree in Alternative Medicine (I already have a degree in Massage Therapy).

I have been dropped from school for inability to pay my share of the costs. It will require money to return to school and they have been understanding but were not able to offer me any further help to keep me in school.

The subject is very interesting to me and I looked forward to each class.

Income Efforts

I receive SSD and attempt to make money with my art via t-shirts, canvas and other media. I make very little (less than $600 a year).

My art is what I'm passionate about but being a starving artist doesn't help my family.

I have tried private loans, help from family, and other organizations but mostly there is no faith in the degree I'm seeking.

Many people still believe in modern medicine and see what I'm doing as a waste of time and money.

I've been searching for grants and/or scholarships to assist my getting back in to school but to no avail.

Specific Needs

I need a grant/scholarship to return to school and finish my bachelor's degree. I am really dedicated to receiving this degree and am approximately halfway through the course load.

I do not need the complete tuition as I am receiving Federal Student Loans. All assistance would be greatly appreciated and would allow me to return to school.

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