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Grant Money Would Help Accident Disabled Grandmother Find Housing

by Carol Williams
(Kerhonkson, NY, USA)

I am a 54-year-old woman with a 57-year-old husband. My father passed away on Thanksgiving Day in 2000, and my mom on December 15, 2012.

I have a 34-year-old daughter and three boys, ages 31, 30, and 23. I also have many grandchildren, the youngest of which passed away at the age of five weeks in April of 2012.

Much of my husband's surviving family lives in Texas and we are hoping to relocate. We would like to be able to see his sister, Patsy, who has MS, before something more serious happens with her illness.

Disability Issues

I was in a car accident in 2007. I had to have both legs and feet put back together. I had three strokes, which rendered my left arm and hand essentially useless.

I died three times and was brought back. I had a punctured lung and aorta, and all my ribs were broken. I had head trauma, which I suffer memory loss from.

I was on a respirator for 14 days. Because of this, I have scar tissue that grows back periodically and has to be removed with laser surgery. I have shortness of breath with any strenuous movement and I use a cane and an electric cart.

I am classified as permanently disabled by SSDI. My husband is also classified disabled due to COPD and hip, back, and joint problems. He also has arthritis in his hands and wrists.

Financial Hardship

We are in a bad spot at the moment. I am on disability, with a much smaller check from Social Security. My husband also gets an SSI payment, in the same amount as me, which isn't much.

The house we rent is being foreclosed on, and we have no money to move on. I am currently in on-line school in an effort to better our lives in the future.

We are both on a number of medications for everything from blood pressure and breathing to anxiety and pain. My husband hopes to soon get a breathing machine, too.

Neither of us is able to work any type of regular job and we haven’t been able to in many years.

Income Efforts

I am on SSDI and SSI. My husband is on SSI only, but is considered disabled also. We get food stamps and my husband gets Medicaid.

We have been trying to get my 23-year-old son on Medicaid so he can get SSI and/or SSDI, too. He is very overweight and has breathing and stomach problems. Because of his weight he also doesn't walk very easily.

We do go to food pantries when we need to, but prefer not to ask for any help that we don't need.

Specific Needs

We are specifically looking for a government grant to get re-settled in or around Waxahachie, Texas. Homes are much cheaper there and we need to move because of the foreclosure on the house we're renting now.

Our other concern is that my husband's sister isn't getting any better and we'd like to be with her if something worse happens. I have never met her, but she wants desperately meet me and her nephew while she can. Please help us.

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