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Grant Money Would Help Disabled Single Mom Pursue Education

by Patricia Johann
(Ogden, KA, USA)

I am a single mom of two special needs children. I am 43 years old and looking for the college education I always wanted.

I grew up as a dependent of the military in my preteen years. I am the former wife of a military soldier. I come from a family of survivors.

Since my kids are 18 and one child lives with his dad, I'm trying to pursue this dream of mine. I want to do something for me to improve my confidence and income with a degree.

I chose a community college with a great tutoring center to help me with some minor learning issues. I did great when I went last summer and got As, Bs, and one C. I never got grades like that in high school.

There is community transportation via cabs and buses, but I never have transportation funds after my bills are paid. It’s a good thing I get transportation for medical appointments.

I was a full-time mom and a military wife most of my life, so now I want to have a career and fulfill dreams of my own since I am single now.

I now have my first decent apartment, with a good landlord and a quiet neighborhood. My home is in great shape, safer during tornado season, and all one level, which makes it easier for me.

Disability Issues

I have post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). I currently and for many years have suffered depression, anxiety, and a low immune system from stress and now from dealing with chemotherapy. I am currently in chemotherapy for breast cancer and I had a double mastectomy.

I am a survivor of many deaths of family members and friends. I survived domestic violence and rape. I raised two special needs kids, one diabetic and other with oppositional defiant disorder (ODD) and lower level autism.

I also deal with arthritis in my feet, bad thyroid problems, and asthma. I am currently dealing with cancer for the second time and chemotherapy for the first time. I am almost done with treatment and things look good so far.

Financial Hardship

I am on $723 a month in income from social security disability. My rent is $770 a month, but luckily all utilities are included. My apartment is one level, has no stairs, and is located in a quiet, less-stressful area of town.

I have a hard time buying some medications my insurance won’t cover and I have to sell my personal stuff or take returns to store. I just get by or go without.

Income Efforts

I am on SSDI, but it barely pays my monthly expenses. Insurance does not cover all my medications.

I can’t always afford transportation to the grocery store when food is needed, or for health emergencies, or a reliable source to get to college on time.

I have used help from churches in the past, but either I do not qualify or they are out of funds.

Specific Needs

I am seeking grants since I do not always make enough money to pay all my monthly bills. I don't ask for much and I try to be independent as much as possible.

I need a car to get to school and all the appointments I have without long waits. I seek more independence since I am limited in some areas and vehicle to use for emergencies.

I would like to buy clothes and not just clothes I can afford but don't fit. I live on less than $800 month and can barely make monthly bills. I would like to get clothes because I gained a lot of weight due to bad thyroid issues.

I need a reliable car, affordable insurance, and minor repairs if needed. I need to buy supplies that schools don't sell (papers, notebooks, pens, and other stationary).

I need to pay off my rent deposit and make sure I don’t run out of medication. Transportation costs can be high since I have no vehicle.

Some places help the homeless, poor, or people who may need it more than I do since this area has so many in need. Many have small children, or are a spouse or widow of a military member.

I guess I’m also looking for sympathy since I have been a survivor all my life and have dedicated my life to others while struggling. I would like just one dream to happen without sacrifice.

Business Idea

I was going to go into law enforcement, but due to some of my ailments I cannot. I always had other ideas and dreams to focus on or was open to more options. I want to get a small business degree and run a business out of my home.

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