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Grant Money Would Help Schizophrenic Joshua With Bills And Transportation

by Joshua Hallmark
(Garrison, Texas, USA)

My name is Joshua Hallmark. I am a 33-year-old father of five and stepfather of four.

I have been married this time for a little over a year to a wonderful woman. Amy is my main support and my family is my world.

We are a large family with great amounts of love and are attempting to survive.

Disability Issues

Since the age of seven I have had hallucinations. These primarily consist of voices in my head. They started with a voice of a little girl who was my friend for a long time.

If it had stayed that way I would have been fine. Slowly I began to acquire new voices which were nowhere near as nice as the first. These voices were hurtful and began to convince me to harm myself.

At the age of 14 I tried to end my life, as the voices were too much. I lived most of my life with these problems without any help because I feared treatment.

My mother also had similar problems and the system was much worse at that time.

My voices became a large crowd that was a constant in my life. I could not make out what they were saying until "they" wanted me to. Those moments were temptations to harm myself or others.

Five years ago I finally decided it was time to do something about the problems I was having. I spent a few days in the hospital where they diagnosed me with schizoaffective disorder.

The doctor told me that I was schizophrenic but could not have that diagnosis because I was in a marriage that had lasted over ten years. They told me schizophrenics do not have long-term relationships, or at least not that long.

Financial Hardship

We are always struggling with paying bills, and I am unable to work most jobs as it is a safety hazard for me and those I work with. Most people shy away from hiring someone with my diagnosis.

We are unable to obtain a vehicle to get me to doctors and so we rely on people and their schedules. This leads to not being able to get to appointments on time and missing them altogether.

My wife works from home as a freelance writer, but that does not make enough money and tends to be hard to do as we have small children.

We are also on welfare and food stamps. This barely keeps us going.

Income Efforts

My wife is a freelance writer for freelance-based sites.

I am on Social Security Income and Social Security Disability Income.

I also try odd jobs online to supplement my income as we do not have anywhere near enough to support us and the three young children that live with us.

We have asked around for help and even begged family to lend us money to survive the month.

I have even attempted a few at-home businesses but primarily got scammed.

Specific Needs

We are in need of reliable transportation or the money to obtain this.

Any help in increasing income would be greatly appreciated as well. The main thing we need help with is income, as Disability and these odd jobs do not pay nearly enough to get us through.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Business Idea

I have an idea for a website that connects people with disabilities to each other. A way of getting support from others going through similar problems is what I am looking to build.

I will also use the site to help people connect to programs that may help. However, the primary goal of the website is to connect people with disabilities to others going through the same thing.

People need to know they are not alone and there are others that share in their struggles. This is a form of therapy, sort of like a group therapy on a large scale.

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Jul 25, 2014
Well done, Joshua!
by: Donald


Congratulations on getting your story done. It's a big step, the first of your journey toward a better life.

Now that your story is published you can get the Workbook that shows you how to use your story.

All the best,
Don Coggan

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