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Grant Monies For Parkinsons Disabled Vet To Pay Medical Treatment Expenses

by Dominic Mader
(Greenville, Ohio, USA)

I will start by introducing myself. My name is Dominic D. Mader. I am a 53-year-old male, from a family of eight siblings.

I am a single man, never married. I have no children. I graduated from high school in 1979. After that I went to college for a year.

College did not work for me at that time so I joined the US Air Force (1981-2005). I was a career airman until an unforeseen illness reared its ugly head on me and ended my career in the USAF.

I was involved in much chemical warfare training every three months in the military. I was a volunteer for Desert Shield and Desert Storm back in the 1990s.

I was discharged from the USAF under an "Honorable Medical Discharge."

Disability Issues

My flight line surgeon and the Veterans Administration officially diagnosed me with Parkinson's disease in October of 2005.

In my opinion the origin of my disease started while in the Air Force, as I was exposed to JP4 and JP8 aircraft fuels for 15+ years. Also, I trained in chemical warfare training every three months, while I was active duty Air Force (seven years).

At present I am totally 100 percent disabled. As you probably know Parkinson's disease is a progressive disease and my prognosis is not good.

Financial Hardship

I am currently receiving a Disability check from the government ($1090) monthly. This is just not enough to live on. I have to have the correct foods to eat as I have Parkinson's and eating healthy costs a lot of money.

I have rent to pay monthly ($425). I have got to pay for a big portion of my doctor visits at the VA, and all of my medicines.

Not counting all of the equipment needed (stationery bike, Geiger machine, weights to keep my muscles from atrophying), I am not able to handle all the expense.

I also have an electric bill, and more expenses such as phone, computer, cable, garbage pick up, and cleaning supplies.

Income Efforts

I am totally disabled. I am not able to do anything at this point. What I am trying to do is fight this dreaded Parkinson's disease by focusing on my health.

I don't want to be a death statistic. I need the tools to beat this monster. If I could be given the chance to make something positive out of this horrible situation, I will.

At present I get an SSDI check every month.

My friends and family are not able to financially help me.

I go to a church twice per month for a food hand out.

I am praying that I qualify for a grant. I am a person who is in need.

Specific Needs

I seek different grant monies so badly needed to help ease the cost of my living expenses.

I also need grant monies for the costs of exercise equipment to keep my muscles from atrophying.

My goal is to get the tools necessary to improve the quality of my life.

I am trying to get a service-connected disability from the Veterans Administration. I have been unsuccessful as of this date.

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