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Grant To Enable Home Ownership For Son Suffering Diabetes Complications

by Christine Gail Garcia
(Bosque Farms, NM, USA)

My son is 34 years old. His father served two tours in Vietnam with the United States Marine Corps. He received two Purple Heart awards while in the service.

He died from disease complications caused by exposure to Agent Orange at the age of 51.

On my side of the family, my son’s grandfather, grandmother, uncle, cousin, and myself all served in the Marine Corps as well.

The Department of Veteran Affairs recognized that my son’s father's diabetes came from exposure to Agent Orange.

Sometime after his father passed away, I remarried. Instead of just having one brother, my son now has five brothers and sisters.

Disability Issues

My son developed diabetes at the age of 15. It was passed to him from his father.

My son is totally disabled and receiving SSI. The disease has been harder on him than on his father.

He has the following issues:

• Amputee - left leg below knee and front half of right foot due to osteomyelitis
• Transplant recipient - kidney and pancreas
• Charcot foot
• Anal neuropathy and fecal incontinence due to neurological damage
• Gastroparesis
• Chronic foot ulcers and infections with pain
• Cataracts in both eyes

Before his most recent surgery to remove the front half of his right foot, one of the doctors said my son had a heart murmur.

Financial Hardship

I am concerned about my son's future when my husband and I die.

We used our entire retirement fund to purchase our house and make it handicap accessible. We are now living on just our retirement pay.

We make mortgage payments on our home. We also pay taxes and insurance on the house where my son lives.

Income Efforts

My son is currently receiving a small amount of SSI while his case is being reviewed. We applied for SSD, but he doesn't qualify.

Even though he became disabled before 18, there are no medical records available between the ages of 17 and 23 because he was homeless. Because of this, he cannot qualify under his father.

He also cannot qualify on his own for SSD because he does not have enough work credit.

Social Security can see from his history that he worked. The problem is every time he tried to work he ended up in the hospital.

Sometimes he could last a month before he ended up in the hospital. There were times he only lasted a week or less.

My son does receive state and federal medical insurance. This covers all of his medications. There are many because of his two transplants and other medical issues.

Specific Needs

I am looking for a grant for my son to purchase the house he lives in. We want my son to be able to purchase the house so that when we die, he won't be out on the street.

We wonder if he will be forced out so the house can be sold and the money divided.

My son doesn't get enough money from SSI to save for a down payment or make payments on a loan. He could afford to pay the taxes and insurance if he didn't have a house payment.

If this were the case, life would be easier for us financially as well.

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Oct 21, 2013
by: Rose H.

I am so touched by your story. It is so difficult to watch someone you love suffer so much and I understand the pain and agony, frustration and hopelessness that goes with Diabetes. I have been more fortunate with the dis-ease. I wish that I could do more but know that I am praying (in my own way) for your son and for all of us who suffer with Diabetes.

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