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Grant To Help Arthritic Learning Disabled Debbie Find Affordable Housing

by Debbie Rasmussen
(Bangor, California, USA)

I am a 51-year-old white female of average build. I have never been pregnant and had to have a hysterectomy due to cancer about 15 years ago.

My mother passed away in April of 2013 but my father is still alive and lives with my older sister. I have another sister that is older than both of us.

I am currently staying in my 5th wheel trailer at her property while looking for a place of my own. I was renting from a gentleman but had to move out when he passed away last year.

Disability Issues

I was diagnosed with learning problems at the age of five. I attended special classes through 8th grade and then I was taken out of school. I did get an 8th grade diploma but I did not attend high school.

My sister Marjorie is helping me by typing what I tell her. I can read a little bit but not very well. I was tested and I have an IQ of 58. I require help with writing checks since I am not able to do it but I can sign them.

I have a truck and my 5th wheel trailer that is mine.

As I have gotten older I have gotten other problems. I have a rotated bone in my right foot that cannot be surgically fixed so I have to wear a brace at all times.

I have arthritis in both knees and hands. My knees give out at times and I fall down. I have to be careful when getting in and out of my trailer so I do not fall down.

Financial Hardship

I am on a fixed income and have nowhere to live permanently. I have been looking for a place to live that I can afford since my oldest sister's husband does not want me at their place full time.

He has been allowing me to stay on his place in my own 5th wheel trailer for now but asks me all the time if I have found a place to move to yet.

I have tried to work but no one wants to hire me because of my lack of education and the problems with my knees.

I paid $200 a month and did light housekeeping and cooking as part of my rent at the last place I lived, but the owner passed away and his son made me leave.

Income Efforts

I tried to work at our local feed store but I am not very good counting money. My reading and writing skills are equal to 2nd grade level. Also the owner was worried that I would not be able to carry the heavy bags because of my knees and my ankle.

I have cared for my friend's animals when she is on vacation and I get paid $10 a day for feeding and watering her horses.

I currently get SSDI but it is hard to live on $877 a month.

I have all my friends and family looking for a place that I could rent for $200 or less a month as that is all I can afford.

I have also been looking for a caretaking place where I could live in exchange for watching the property.

Specific Needs

I would very much like to find a grant or low-income loan so that I can purchase a place that is here in Bangor where most of my family and I live.

I can only afford $200 a month. It is a five-acre parcel with an older mobile on it. I would be able to plant a garden and supplement my income by selling the vegetables.

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Aug 29, 2014
Thank you
by: Debbie

Thank you for publishing my story.

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