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Grant To Help Assault Disabled Woman Get Housing And Medication Freedom

by Kate
(Chicago, Illinois, USA)

I am disabled with physical as well as emotional disabilities. My troubles have left me disabled financially, which is why I'm seeking a government grant.

I am on a housing program that has denied my civil rights and I had become homeless for two months on the streets.

I shouldn't have been homeless because I asked for reasonable accommodation under the law to get me into a place quickly but the request was denied and I was homeless for two months in the winter.

As a result of being homeless, I was stabbed by another homeless couple. They stabbed me in my spine twice and my left hand as I tried to block the knife.

I was rushed from the scene to the nearest hospital where I was asked if I had a will because I may die. As I lay in the trauma unit of the hospital, the police told me that I was under arrest.

I asked why and they told me that the couple that stabbed me was filing a police report against me. I was shocked because I was the one attacked but the couple was slick and knew that I was rushed to the hospital and because there were no witnesses told police that I was the attacker.

I had to go to court to prove my innocence, which I did. I was found innocent and all charges dropped. The police falsely arrested me, had my car towed while I was in the hospital and stole many things out of my car because everything I owned was inside my car.

This city let the couple that attacked me walk away without charges just because they filed charges against me first, which made them look innocent.

This has devastated me. I have since become a recluse. I have become basically a hermit, not going out any more and having to have state help for a hired caregiver because I fear going out.

If a disabled woman can be charged with attacking two people both larger than herself, then anything can happen.

I got a letter by email today from the housing authority that I have my housing through and they say that I can no longer use reasonable accommodations. They are threatening to kick me off of the program.

I have been through so much on this program that I feel that if I had the money I would purchase a small studio apartment and live out my life there.

Oh, I almost forgot to tell you, when the homeless couple attacked me, they seriously injured my chest and now I have to have a surgery that I can't afford.

Some nights I can barely breathe and I beg to die in my sleep.

The attackers have no idea what they have done to me emotionally not to mention physically. I am in pain every single day now and have trouble standing up completely straight because of the stabbings to my spine.

I thank God that I was not put in a wheelchair, but with this pain I may end up in one.

Did I almost forget to also tell you that I was stabbed with a dirty knife, which means I now have to monitor my blood work for years to come?

I am so sad and all I can do is cry. I don't want anyone to see me so I won't load a picture. I do believe that there is a GOD and that someday I will have what I need to buy a place to live and get off of the housing program.

I want to buy a small studio but I would buy a trailer just to get off of this program. I was almost killed because my request was denied, so my first dream is to get off the housing program.

My second dream is to move out of this state where I currently reside and my third dream would be that I could possibly get better and get off all of my medication.

I know that I may not ever be able to get off my meds but a girl can dream can't she? Thank you for listening and for helping me with a government grant or any other assistance.

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Sep 15, 2010
Housing and Medication Help in Illinois
by: Katina

As a disabled person myself, I can sympathize with your situation and I definitely understand your need for help.

I've done a bit of research and found these resources for you:

HUD Housing Assistance Illinois

Perscription Assistance: Illinois

Please let us know if the resources have helped you in any way.

Katina from Accessible.org

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