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Grant To Help Bipolar Father With Decent Home And Small Family Business

by Walter Gramsky Jr.
(Sharpsville, Pennsylvania, USA)

I am 42 years old and the oldest of 14 siblings. My youngest brother is 15.

I have a 24-year-old son who has served in the United States Army as a combat veteran.

My wife of five years and I are God-fearing followers of the Lord Jesus.

We and have come to realize that without love, hope and help from good family and friends life can be pointless, and trivial and without meaning.

Disability Issues

Since 2000 I have been diagnosed with bipolar manic-depressive disorder.

When these events started to evolve I was placed on medications to help with the mood swings and sleepless nights.

They added 150 lb to my weight. So I went from 235 lb to 385lbs. in less than a year's time.

This weight gain in turn caused a host of medical problems such as diabetes, high blood pressure and arthritic pain.

The medications that I was taking may very well have been one of the causes of the kidney failure that nearly took my life on two occasions.

And needing to watch that very closely, with the left kidney only, I'm not too sure where I could find a donor to help me in time of need.

Mental, emotional, physical and spiritual issues led me down the road of needing to be placed in psychiatric hospitals.

I was trying to get the professional help that I needed, never harming myself or anyone else, as these things were unfolding in my life.

I had a history of at least 25 times, being in the hospitals searching for answers to my problems, one medication after another, nothing seeming to be a helpful solution.

As the tears and years passed on I got worse and the road to recovery seemed so far out reach that, I was told by a preacher that I had way too many problems and that he thought there was nothing he could do to help me.

So over the next 13 years I was homeless, unemployed and considered a worthless cause.

I can honestly say things looked pretty bad. And still to this day my disability has become somewhat a curse to say the least.

Financial Hardship

Now with being disabled, I have come to find out how cruel this world can really be to those that may be homeless, unemployed or lacking financial resources.

I found myself without money, to pay for basic everyday expenses like food and shelter.

Being homeless I tried to get help from family and friends.

With no other options I had to rely on the government system to help. Now we're totally dependent on the system.

My wife and I do the best we can to meet our obligations, but most of the time we're in the red by month's end.

I have been sick and in and out of the hospital. This has left me with unpaid medical and doctor bills.

There are times we have counted our change out of the ashtray of the car to pay for my medications.

We live in a trailer that is 44 years old. It has a leaky roof. The septic system needed fixing, so we had to borrow $1,200 from my 80-year-old aunt. Paying that back is going to be a real struggle.

My wife works as a bus driver for a school district. She is disabled herself due to an automobile accident that almost killed her.

We're helping to raise our six-year-old niece because she has parents that are less desirable and God instructs to love thy neighbor as thyself.

Our monthly bills exceed our income. My wife can't even afford personal items for herself. She has needs that have not been met for over a year now.

We are signed up at the local food bank. We receive food stamps, but it is just not enough to keep up with the cost of living.

Income Efforts

I have tried to obtain employment ever since I have regained my health. I receive disability income, but it is not nearly enough.

I have asked our church for a financial blessing, which they were more than willing to help us with.

My family never has any resources to give. Friends are just as without as we are and we try to help each other as much as we can.

Specific Needs

I am seeking a loan or government grant that does not have to be paid back, something that could help me to find a better home, pay my medical expenses, and to help me start my own business.

I feel that if I were able to have a chance at being a business owner I could excel at whatever God has planned for my future.

Even as a young boy I always had a entrepreneur mindset that someday I would be my own boss, and make the money that I needed.

All that I am asking for is a chance to prove that God's word is true that all things are possible through the Lord, which strengthens me.

Business Idea

I would like a loan to finance my hauling, moving and construction business. I would need a work truck, tools and a small piece of property to build a garage to keep materials.

My construction outfit would work mostly in concrete, block and brickwork.

The hauling would be from moving customers to salvaging metals.

It would be a small family owned and operated company with little overhead with maybe one or two employees.

We would advertise in the local newspaper, and the yellow pages of the phone book and surrounding areas.

We would do most of our own repairs, and place a high standard on quality.

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Aug 23, 2013
Preacher is no Teacher!
by: Ken

Hello Walter,

These are trying times, for me as well. I am happy to hear that your wife is working. That is a blessing. Perhaps with her experience as a bus driver she could possibly keep looking for a higher paying company, while still working. When you have a job is the best time and opportunity to get a better one. You say you have your heath back? That is great! To be out of the job market for awhile it is hard to get back in. Applying for jobs in person is the best way of getting a job. A friend of mine went to McDonald's and was welcomed immediately, he now is a manager and makes a pretty good living. Who would have thought? Although some people may think this is not for them, it is surprizing how they accept mature workers. I have found a couple of sites that may be of use to you;


This one is good for grants to fix your home. You may have to put this in your browser if this doesn't help you:


As far as grants for small businesses, they are near impossible to find. It would be easier if you can go out and sell your idea to an investor, but here is a site that you can look at;


At least on this site you can find out how the government can help.

Take care and God Bless,

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