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Grant To Help Bone Cancer Disabled Guy Make Home Handicap Improvements

by Harry Peterson
(Harrison, Michgan, USA)

I'm a 56-year-old guy. I recently had to move due to the death of my mother. I was her caregiver.

I have three sisters who live out of state and a brother who lives a couple hundred miles away. So basically I'm by myself.

Disability Issues

I was diagnosed with bone cancer and had to have many operations. First I had to have a knee and bone replacement operation.

The next day after surgery, my foot turned black and had to be amputated.

About six months later my leg wasn't healing right and had gangrene so I ended having to have it amputated above the knee.

Financial Hardship

I have problems with getting in some doors at my home because they're not wide enough.

My kitchen floor is coming up and because it's unlevel has trip hazards all over.

My bathtub is hard to get in and out of because I have to try to hop into it and I'm afraid one day I will slip.

I would love to be able to access my back yard from the deck. As it is, I have to go around the house and hope that I don't get stuck in mud.

Income Efforts

I am on SSDI and have been looking for part-time work to help but no one is hiring around here.

I have tried many charities around here but either I'm too young, or they don't have any money to help.

Specific Needs

I am seeking any type of help I can get.

I would like to get a grant to remodel my home for disability or even a low cost loan to make it happen.

All I want is to live the rest of my life without worrying about falling, slipping and access to my yard.

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