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Grant To Help Diabetes Disabled Amputee Earn Independence Money

by Robert Phillips
(Lawton, Michigan, USA)

I am a 46-year-old man who loves the outdoors, who loves kids, and who just loves life itself.

My young mother of 74 lives just a block away from me and we visit frequently.

My younger brother lives close to me also, along with my two adorable nieces.

I love talking to kids because they are honest and I love talking to the elderly because they always have a good story to tell.

My passion in life is gardening and landscaping.

Disability Issues

My father's and my mother's side of the family have a history of heart disease and diabetes. Thirteen years ago my pancreas exploded (due to a birth defect).

It almost cost my life. I was hospitalized for several months. I was, however, not diabetic until two years later, in 2002.

Then in December of 2008 my left leg went limp as I was leaving work. Needless to say I found out that I had very low blood flow in both of my legs.

Between December of 2008 and March of 2011 I've had multiple surgeries trying to save my legs, but to no avail.

In March of 2011 my left leg was amputated above the knee and two months later my right leg was also amputated above the knee.

Financial Hardship

I've worked hard my whole life, and in the last ten years made pretty good money. After the loss of my legs I only make about one third of what I used to, but I still have the same bills to pay.

I have been forced to give up some of my basic needs such as transportation. I now have to rely on and pay someone to take me places such as grocery shopping or to a doctor's appointment.

The rising cost of prescribed medicine and doctors' bills are taking a toll on me.

I just don't have the same quality of life as I used to because I have to watch every penny I spend.

Income Efforts

Since the loss of my legs I have attempted to find some sort of work to help me up the ladder financially.

I do receive monthly disability but it barely gets me by. I have also applied for SSI but was denied.

My neighbor tried to help me, but in the end, he could not afford me even part time.

I asked my brother if I could do some yard work for cash, but he has a big family of his own to feed.

Specific Needs

I would really like some good sound advice on anything that could help me succeed in making more money.

I do know that if I could get some kind of grant or vehicle that I could drive I could then help myself succeed.

I have the will and the ability. I just need help getting started. If I had a handicapped vehicle I could supplement my income by doing what I love to do, which is landscaping.

It would also help with all the little things, like going to the grocery store or to doctors' appointments without having to pay and rely on someone else.

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