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Grant To Help Diabetes Disabled Man With Property Preservation Business

by Joshua Moore
(North Richland Hills, TX, USA)

My name is Josh Moore. I'm currently 34 years old and living in North Richland Hills, located in the heart of Dallas/Fort Worth.

I love the community in which I live. I was born and raised in this area and continue to serve the community by supporting local youth ministries and churches, by staying involved in local schools and youth sports leagues.

I've owned and been part of multiple businesses in the area. I get support from both my immediate family, as well as from an extended network of friends and business acquaintances.

Disability Issues

When I was three years old I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. For many years this caused no problem and I lived a normal, active and productive life.

I now suffer from Diabetic Retinopathy, which has caused significant vision impairment. I went completely blind in my right eye and nearly lost complete vision in my left eye.

Since 2010 I have undergone several surgeries and procedures that have stabilized and somewhat restored vision in both eyes.

I am currently disabled and receiving Social Security Disability.

Financial Hardship

Since the onset of my disability I have moved in with my parents and am currently trying to find a way to improve not just my quality of life but also the quality of life of those around me.

I am currently reduced to the limited income of Social Security benefits. I still have medical needs to maintain my diabetes.

I am currently taking insulin via a Medtronic insulin pump. I continually need insulin pump supplies, insulin and test strips.

I will not be eligible for Medicaid until March of 2014.

Due to wise financial planning while younger I remain nearly debt free including all medical bills.

I'm striving to rebuild my savings and once again become a productive contributing member of society.

Income Efforts

Because of the decline in my vision, I've been unemployed since September of 2009.

Due to savings, family, friends, recently SSDI and miscellaneous small jobs I've managed to barely scrape by.

Needless to say being disabled has made it incredibly difficult to maintain constant work.

Specific Needs

I am currently seeking grants to start a business in which I can once again be in control of my future and not be dependent on the government or help of others.

I feel as though my previous business experiences along with my drive and determination to improve my own situation and help others do the same qualifies me for financial assistance.

Business Idea

The business I intend to start is an REO (Bank Owned) Property Preservation/Maintenance company.

Simply stated, it's a business that cleans out homes that have been foreclosed on and then maintains them until the property is sold.

Let's face it, the economy is weak and foreclosures are inevitable. Despite the recent surge in property values, there is a bottleneck of foreclosures waiting to hit the market.

Foreclosures are a reality in today's world and really have no end in sight. The new trend is for properties to be turned into rentals.

This is another area where my business model thrives. Regardless of who owns property, they need to be maintained once the owner/tenant leaves in order for that property to be appealing on the market place.

My goal is to hire subcontracts to complete the work orders. By performing work in this way, my company gets a cut of the profits and allows others to earn a living as well.

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