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Grant To Help Disabled Couple And Brother Relieve Financial Medical Burden

by William Peppers
(Snellville, Georgia, USA)

I am a 47-year-old male. I have a wife of 31 years and a daughter that is 31 years old and brother that is 46 years old. Both my mother and father are deceased.

My brother is not able to work. My wife works as an office worker. I am disabled and receive Social Security Disability.

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Disability Issues

I was first diagnosed with anxiety/panic disorder at the age of 23 due to witnessing the murder of my father when I was eight years old.

At the age of 35 it was found that I had been undiagnosed with Type II diabetes for a number of years, which led to coronary artery/heart disease. This in turn resulted in 31 stents being placed in my arteries and a double bypass surgery, which was not successful.

I had a back surgery to correct a herniated disc, but have developed three more over the years.

Due to all these health issues, I have been deemed permanently disabled and am currently receiving Disability benefits.

Financial Hardship

My wife is the only person in the household working, and I receive a small Disability check monthly.

Although my wife does have health insurance, she has a permanent disease in her back that she has to pay out of pocket for the treatment she receives.

I have Medicare but am on a heart medication that insurance does not cover and is very costly. We owe in excess of $10,000 for medical bills.

We also have to take care of my brother who is unable to work due to epilepsy and mental issues. He is is unable to take of himself.

Income Efforts

I receive SSI disability. My wife works full time. My brother is unable to maintain any type of employment and has applied for Disability.

We received monthly help from my wife's mother until another member of my wife's family stopped that. This was a lot of help at the time.

I have no other family or means to obtain help of any kind.

Specific Needs

I am seeking help to be able to get out from under the tremendous financial burden by way of a grant or equivalent.

Loans are out of the question, as our credit has destroyed by medical bills accumulated while waiting for SSI approval.

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