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Grant To Help Kidney Disease Disabled Woman With Cleaning Biz For Elderly

by Darlena Outing
(Mount Holly, NC, USA)

I'm a 33-year-old African American female from a family of four children. I have two older brothers and a younger sister.

My Mom is a retired nurse and unfortunately I don't know much about my father because he died while my Mom was five months pregnant with me. I don't have a single memory of him.

I wasn't blessed to be able to bear children, but I was blessed to find my soul mate.

Disability Issues

My mental illness started when I was eight. I suffered intolerable mental and sexual abuse daily until my early teens.

Shortly after, I started hearing voices and seeing things. I became mute for about three years and I dropped out of high school.

I locked myself in my room for several years and didn't get my first real job until I was 24. I was only able to work for a year. I got my second job when I was 28.

I was able to work for a year and a half, but then I started having heart, back, and intestinal problems, which required surgery, as well as my hands from carpal tunnel syndrome.

Shortly after I was diagnosed with chronic kidney disease with causes me to retain fluid making it difficult for me to walk.

I applied for Social Security Disability at age 30 and was denied. I got a lawyer, appealed my case and was approved for medical disability.

I tried to commit suicide and received a letter stating that my medical disability was turning into non- medical disability.

Financial Hardship

I receive $771 a month from Social Security Disability and I receive $60 in food stamps a month.

From that $771 I have to pay my rent, utilities, renters insurance, life insurance, buy my medicine, and buy personal hygiene and household items.

By the time I do all that I usually have no money left to buy enough food or clothes. I've been wearing the same pair of dirty shoes three years now and my only purse is falling apart.

I live in a rural area with no public transportation so a car is a must. I need a car to get back and forth to the doctors but my credit is so bad from identity theft that I can't get any kind of car loan. Plus my income is too low to make any kind of monthly payments.

I often go months without seeing my doctors when I'm supposed to see them every month. It's difficult to get my prescriptions filled.

Income Efforts

When I was about 20 I decided to start a business. I started trying all kinds of work at home ideas selling various items by phone or online.

I've had bake sales where people paid me to not bake anymore.

I even had a serious job working at a haunted house as myself.

I've photographed smiles of babies for a living and sold peace of mind to those who already had it (insurance).

While I was waiting on my SSDI I survived off church donations and I'm still in debt to many friends and family. Although I have the SSDI now, I still need help getting basic necessities.

Specific Needs

I seek low-income grants because I want to own a house and be able to afford the mortgage.

I seek grants to get a car and vehicle modification loan.

I need grants for people with bipolar disorder and schizophrenia.

I would love to finish college so grants for education would be helpful.

I want to start a cleaning business for the elderly so I would need money, equipment and supplies.

I also need financial advice on how to repair my credit and budget my money.

Business Idea

I'd like to start a cleaning business for the disabled and elderly. As a disabled person I know how hard it can be just to clean house and how a messy living space can affect you mentally often leading to a depressed state of mind.

It can be very difficult to get a nurse even if you are disabled and even then cleaning, cooking, mopping isn't in their job description.

I'd like to start the cleaning business because I believe that having a clean living space can improve hygiene and lower risks of getting sick from germs and dust mites.

It also lowers the risk of falling or tripping over clutter or getting stuck if you are in a wheelchair by providing a clear maneuvering space in, out, and around the home. That makes it easier for paramedics to come in should they need to or for friends and family to visit.

There really aren't any kinds of services that improve the day-to-day living of the disabled or elderly and they often go overlooked. My cleaning business will be affordable and instill a sense of pride and confidence to persons dealing with mental, physical, and age related issues by organizing their lives.

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Dec 31, 2013
Good Job
by: Darlena Outing

This is my true story. I did a good job.

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