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Grant To Help Man With Kidney Failure Get Needed Antibody Treatment In LA

by Robert White
(Oregon City, Oregon, USA)

Hello, my name is Robert White. I am 42 years old and male. I live in Portland, Oregon.

I have a girlfriend that has two kids. We all live together. Her daughter is 14 years old and her son is 17 years old.

Disability Issues

When I was 19 years old, I was diagnosed with end stage renal disease. I had to undergo kidney dialysis for four hours a day, three times a week.

I then received a kidney transplant in October 1991.

I was able to live a normal life until December of 2005 when I was diagnosed with kidney failure (my kidney rejected), so I went back on kidney dialysis and have been on the transplant waiting list since then.

There are two reasons why I have been waiting for so long for a transplant: (1) my blood type is B, which is a rare blood type, and (2) due to the previous transplant, my antibody level is 100% sensitized.

I need a treatment to clear my antibodies so I am ready for a transplant when a donor becomes available.

More recently, I have been diagnosed with a severe aortic stenosis, which means the aortic valve in my heart is much smaller than normal as a result of long-term kidney dialysis.

Calcium has built up in and around the valve, which now requires open-heart surgery. The recovery time is about six to eight weeks.

Financial Hardship

Since January 27, 2013, I've been on medical leave from work till I have a heart surgery. Then it's a six to eight weeks recovery time.

My insurance does not cover this expensive treatment nor does it pay for the cost of traveling to Los Angeles where they do the treatment to clear antibodies, which would allow me to get a transplant.

The cost of my prescriptions is so high that it really adds to the financial hardship.

Also I had to claim higher on taxes reduction so they can take less out for taxes on my paycheck. So now I owe on taxes.

If I don't pay them, which is hard because of money issues, they have said they will garnish my wage or my bank account (which hardly has any money left in it) and I can't be late with them.

So it's a struggle. As it is I am overdoing myself with my condition by working a lot, having dialysis and going to school.

It's hard on me and really makes me tired and weak especially after dialysis.

Income Efforts

I was working full time, going to school part time.

My girlfriend is a full-time college student, studying to become an RN (registered nurse). She also works part time.

Specific Needs

I am looking for grants to cover: (a) the cost of the antibody treatment in Los Angeles and (b) the expense of traveling to LA for the treatment.

I'm also looking for funding to help pay for the cost of our college studies.

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