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Grant To Help Man With Parkinsons Disease Gain Financial Security

by Douglas Murphy
(Shelby, NC, USA)

This 68 year-old man has much for which he is thankful. My wife Phyllis, who reached 65 on the fourth of July, has been my faithful companion and best friend for 43 years.

We have two grown children, Derek and Amanda, but no grandchildren, only grand-dogs, Wallace and Lorelei.

Shortly after I retired, Phyllis and I adopted Toby. He is a canine mix and a true companion to me.

Disability Issues

During my early childhood, I had rheumatic fever that caused damage to my heart valves. Through the years, including my teens and early adulthood, visits with doctors have been routine.

I have not only seen many doctors, including cardiologists, I also have vivid memories of hospital rooms and nurses.

When I was 25 I had my first of two heart surgeries. My mitral valve was repaired but not replaced. Although that helped my problems of shortness of breath and fatigue, it did not cure them.

At the age of 57 when heart symptoms had become too severe, I retired with insurance disability that was good until age 65. Four years later, November 2006, my mitral and aortic valves were replaced with mechanical valves.

During the summer of 2009, three doctors diagnosed me with Parkinson's disease. I had dealt with symptoms, including tremor, since the year 2000. Although my doctors consider me disabled, I receive no disability income from any source.

Financial Hardship

Phyllis and I have never had extra funds, but our needs have always been met. We are presently running out of our savings, and Phyllis keeps working full time because we need her income.

I receive a small amount of Social Security income each month and I have Medicare, Medicare supplement and Medicare Plan D Rx as insurance.

Medical expenses have always been a factor in our budget. Sometimes we have robbed Peter to pay Paul.

We have climbed many mountains and faced various difficulties, but we have agreed to keep things positive in our house and trust in God for the outcome.

I take seven prescriptions drugs and certain supplements. I also use a CPAP machine for sleeping. Phyllis has recently started two prescription drugs and she also takes a few supplements.

We are both able to drive and some days I can do some light chores around the house.

Income Efforts

I have applied for SSI and SSDI, but I don't qualify for either. In searching the web, I found Accessible.org and have begun the process of getting their guidance in looking for help.

I have no family members or friends who have the means to help.

For the last several years I have put some time into developing a word board game. Presently, I am seeking financial aid to pay for a prototype that I can present to potential publishers of the game.

Also, I have written a humorous book on GOLF that I hope to have published.

Specific Needs

I do need help concerning the following:

1. Grants available for a prototype.

2. Grants or income that would enable my wife to retire and be with me full time.

3. Publishers who are willing to consider my book on GOLF.

4. Any sources available specifically for disabled people with rheumatic heart disease and/or Parkinson's disease.

I am not reluctant to receive advice. I would welcome the aid of any professional or other person who is willing to help.

Business Idea

While I am not now considering a business as such, I do have some Parkinson's related services that I render to the public at no charge. What I offer is the following:

1. I lead a monthly PD support group.

2. I give talks on PD alone and sometimes with my neurologist Kevin Klein, of Klein Neurology and Sleep.

3. Doctor Klein and I recently started a PD fund in our community (Cleveland County Parkinson's Disease Fund - www.ccpdf.org).

4. I do research on PD in order to speak intelligently about it.

I am dedicated to getting the word out about PD and its symptoms. Because I am slow physically and tire easily, I need Phyllis as my only full time partner.

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Jul 16, 2013
by: Ken

Hi Douglas,

I had to downsize from a five-bedroom house to a mobile trailer in a nice park. It gave me some short-term income. Perhaps you could consider this as a way to get your game prototyped. Also, all insurance companies want to fight and you will probably have to have a lawyer to talk to, I found an address that does this:


The governments are in so much trouble, the first response will always be NO. Keep trying Douglas!

Best of luck,

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