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Grant To Help Manic Depressive Bipolar Woman Pay Bills And Legal Fees

by Lori Bricker
(Las Cruces, New Mexico, USA)

My name is Lori. My friends call me Spirit. I am 39 years old. I have one son named Zackery who is 16 and the love of my life.

I have a wonderful man finally in my life. We have been dating since September of 2013 after being best friends for 14 years. I love life. I love helping others. I love long walks, yoga, meditating and hiking.

Disability Issues

I was diagnosed with bipolar manic depression at the age of 15 when without remembering it I took a bottle of pills and slit my wrist. I had been through some major abuse prior to this at the hands of my birth mother and stepfathers.

I refused to get on Disability when I left my father's on my 16th birthday. I eventually wound up pregnant at the age of 22 by a man who was obsessive, controlling and very abusive.

My bipolar disorder started getting worse the years we were together and I filed for divorce. The issue continued to worsen due to being stalked, threatened and harassed constantly.

I ended up not only having and evolving with major bipolar disorder but also getting severe stress/anxiety disorder that got so out of control I went into seizures. I developed agoraphobia and finally had to apply for Disability, which is not much.

I recently moved away from Texas to New Mexico. I so want to go back to school for a behavioral science degree. With only $721 a month, I am barely scraping by. I have no car, and hardly any propane left.

Financial Hardship

I am stuck at home most of the time as a result of wrecking my car four years ago. I have medical transportation for anything medical related.

My hardship is my rent at $650 per month, which I pay out of the $721 I get. I am almost out of propane, which heats the water and the stove. I have received no word from food stamps yet.

Due to medical related issues I should be eating healthy. But healthy is expensive. This was supposed to be my new beginning. Now I am not sure what I am going to do.

Income Efforts

I have Disability at $720 per month.

I live outside of town so I cannot get help from churches.

I need a new drivers license but can't afford to pay for a copy of my divorce degree right now that the DMV wants.

Specific Needs

I want no sympathy. I am who I was made to be. But yes I do need help. I am in a very bad need of it right now.

I seek food stamps and a grant right now just for personal use.

I need propane, and I would like a used car, nothing fancy.

I do need legal help as well for discrimination issues in Texas.

My advice to myself and to anyone is to never give up on yourself. Take care of you. I will get through this one way or another and I plan on going back to college.

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