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Grant To Help MS Disabled Debra Buy Needed Equipment And Pay Bills

by Debra Bradshaw
(Farmington, New Mexico, USA)

My name is Debra Bradshaw. I am 57 years old. I come from a family of two sisters and one brother and a mom and dad.

My dad was a World War II veteran. He was 100% disabled.

I have been married 37 years to a very loving man. I have three boys and eleven grandchildren.

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Disability Issues

I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 1980, so I've been living with MS for 33 years. It started with double vision. There was three of everything I saw.

Next, I started to drag my right leg. Then I lost my equilibrium and walked with a cane. Then came the walker. Now I am in a wheelchair.

I have horrible pain in my back down to my toes. I stand on one leg to transfer from the wheelchair to another place. Every muscle in my body tightens so I cannot move. All of my nerves tingle throughout my body.

Financial Hardship

Living with a disease is very expensive. Insurance pays only so much. In January I was given medication that I am allergic to. I was put in hospital and rehabilitation hospital for three weeks.

The hospital turned our bills into the credit bureau. They now garnish my husband's paychecks. I'm in need of help.

Income Efforts

I applied for Social Security and Social Security Disability income but was denied in 1981.

I applied for Disability in 2010, but was once denied again.

I applied for Disability Medicare in 2013 and was also denied once again.

Specific Needs

I need things to take care of myself. I cannot afford to purchase handicap equipment. It is very expensive.

I am looking for a disability grant to make my home more accessible for me. I need things so I can take care of myself. I need a walk-in bathtub so I can bathe. I need a scooter so I can go outside.

I need money to help pay for my hospital and doctor bills.

I will also need extra money for equipment I will need in the future.

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