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Grant To Help Overweight Schizophrenic Man Resume Normal Productive Life

by Leonard Francis
(Beaumont, Texas, USA)

I'm a 39-year-old male born and raised in Beaumont, Texas. I have one daughter who's 13 that I love more than anything or anyone including myself. She is all I have.

My family is very independent and feels like I should be too.

I love the thought of helping people and dream of becoming a philanthropist if I can ever get out of the rut I'm in.

I have a pretty good business mind and I read self-improvement books a whole lot and learn as much as I can about different things.

I have a passion for real estate for some strange reason. I think it's because I'm virtually homeless and the thought of owning homes instead of having to sleep in abandoned ones really sparks a huge interest I never had before.

I like looking at houses on the market and looking at decor magazines.

I want to go to college for Human resource or Health Care Management but I have a student loan in default from 2005 and can't pay any amount on it so they can lift it to get another one so I can go to school.

I've been told that I'm extremely funny and want to be a comic maybe...

I also started several stories I'm writing hoping to show my creative side.

I just really want to become a productive citizen for once. I wish to become a living example to other disabled people that they can become very successful (if I ever become successful).

Disability Issues

I've been diagnosed with manic depression and schizophrenia, which causes me to be very suicidal at times. I take medication but I really don't think the doctor takes me seriously.

The voices become very strong at times often telling me to harm people. I know I'm not a bad person but sometimes I feel if I do harm or kill someone, the voices would finally stop and I'll have a little peace.

I hope I won't be on the news for killing children or something like that. I want to help people not harm them.

I also have extremely severe back pain that prevents me from being on my feet.

I weigh 440 lb and have high blood pressure but no one will help me get weight loss surgery cause I have mental issues.

I wish I could walk like I used to.

Financial Hardship

Although I've been diagnosed with several disabilities I've not been awarded Disability yet, which makes life even harder for myself.

I've been denied several times even with a lawyer. I do have another hearing coming up however.

I never would've thought that a person like myself would even need Disability yet I'm having so much trouble getting it.

I never thought I'd ever become homeless either but life has its huge disappointments.

As of now I have shelter due to the fact I'm sleeping on the floor of someone's back room, which I share with their smelly dogs. I was sleeping in abandoned houses.

I'm on the housing list but I'm number 1190 and can't find any help out there for myself.

The family I'm staying with is getting ready to move soon which means I'll have to risk sleeping in an abandoned house again (which is against the law) and brings great stress and depression which fuels my suicidal tendencies.

I want to get training to help me become somebody, but I can't get into school because I have a default student loan of $3500, which prevents me from getting another loan to pay for schooling.

I do receive food stamps, which I give to the family I'm staying with to compensate for helping me. I also attend a city clinic that provided my medication for blood pressure and psych meds but it's very limited on the help I can receive.

I try to get help for my back pain but they just tell me too lose weight, which I actually have done but still can't get any pain relief.

I can't get Medicaid or Medicare yet to assist me in getting weight loss surgery even though I've found a doctor who'll do my weight loss surgery. It's out of town though and I have no transportation nor am I able to pay for it.

I don't want to be on Disability but I super really need it. My family tries to help but times are really hard for everyone and I'd rather die than live anywhere I'm unwanted.

Disability keeps denying me saying that I should be able to work somewhere, but people discriminate against overweight people. And I can't be on my feet due to my back pain. Without the proper education I can't get a desk job either.

I used to be a driver but my license got suspended because I'm so far behind on child support payments because I can't work to pay that either.

Being homeless has limited my clothing to even attend job interviews.

Income Efforts

My family tries to help but times are really hard for everyone. They really don't want me around and I'd rather die than live anywhere I'm not wanted.

I do get food stamps but I give it to the family I'm staying with to help out and thank them.

I attend a local clinic that gives me medication but it's not strong enough and they can only give out certain meds.

I try to look for work but it's hard to find jobs because people don't like fat people plus I can't stand on my feet more than a few min.

I'm on the housing list but I'm number 1190 and emergency housing is every few years to get placed on their list.

I want to do some kind of work-at-home job but I can't afford the Internet. I go to the library to use the Web and it's how I found this site through web search and I'm very grateful I did find it.

I submitted an idea for a reality TV show but the company interested in it wants $700 to represent me and my idea.

Specific Needs

I would like help with:
- getting a house
- getting back in school
- weight loss surgery for my back and for me to get a job
- getting my drivers license back
- a laptop and Internet service to go to school
- suicide counseling
- getting help writing a book
- opening my own business.

I don't plan on being on Disability (if I ever get it) forever. I have huge hopes and dreams and just want to become a productive working citizen again.

I want to go to school as a first step in getting my goals complete.

Business Idea

I have several business ideas I'd like to explore. I want help in writing a book and sharing my ideas with the world.

I want to start a real estate company to help house homeless people like myself who don't want the government's help but do things on their own.

I want to build a gas station in a very great location where one is needed and I'm sure will make huge profits.

Back when I was working I noticed a route a lot of people travel because of local plants, state jails and living community but no place to get fuel and other things convenience stores offer.

They have to drive a few miles to get that type of service and because of this the store charges more than others. There is a vacant spot perfect for such a business and it would be a gold mine.

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Sep 05, 2013
Giving a chance
by: Concerned citizen. Anonymous

I have read the story on Leonard Francis. I believe in what he is saying. Many people are on Disability who know how to cheat the system. Here this man has become disabled and homeless with great ideas. He wants to continue His education. People go through hard times all the time. And some learn from it, but cannot get back on their feet without that help. You can be amazed at how these individuals can succeed, if there are positive attitudes out there that can really believe in them. With these positive attitudes, people like Leonard Francis feel a whole lot better about themselves, which then helps them become successful. Thank you for letting me add my comment.

Aug 31, 2013
Thanks So Very Much
by: Leonard Francis

I'm extremely grateful that I've found this site and I feel better every time I come here to learn and read about people in the same situation I'm in.

Thanks for publishing my story... THIS REALLY MEANS A WHOLE LOT TO ME!!!

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