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Grant To Help PTSD Disabled Single Dad Barry Start Lawn Care Business

by Barry Stone
(Bradford, Maine, USA)

I am a single father of an eight-year-old boy and I don't have enough money to pay all my bills every month.

My life was hard from being beat on by my father and my mother taking off and leaving when I was 11.

I had to work on a scallop boat so I could have enough money to pay the household bills so my older brother could stay in school.

I have a truck and know how to do landscaping. I just need some money so I can buy what tools I don't already have and a trailer.

If I had enough money to buy the tools that I needed I could be my own boss and could work by myself. I already have lots of work. I just don't have the money for the tools needed to do the work.

Disability Issues

I have PTSD, ADHD, bipolar disorder, depression and an eating disorder and I have had cancer two times.

I have bad left leg and knee. I have tried vocational rehab but I didn't do well around others.

I have a hard time walking, and I have a lot of stomach pain because of the cancer.

Financial Hardship

I get SSI and SSDI.

Lots of months I have to not pay rent so I can buy food for my boy and myself. I need help and I have looked everywhere trying to find ways to start up a business to make more money.

Income Efforts

I also have tried getting help from DHHS, churches and everything else that Maine has to offer.

I don't have food stamps.

Specific Needs

I need money for tools so I can work on my own. I know this would work. I already have lots of people wanting me to take care of their lawns. All I need is some help getting me started out.

I am a real worker and would love to be able to give my family the things that I never got growing up. I need this.

In my area where I live there is no one else doing lawn care right now. I know this could turn into something big. I love being outside making this world a cleaner place.

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