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Grant To Help Wife Get Handicap Van For Spine Disease Disabled Husband

by Gwendolyn Ann Plaisance
(Independence, LA, USA)

My name is Gwendolyn. My monthly SSI income is $500, and my husband's is $500.

With our two daughters, we receive $188 and a little over $300 in food stamps a month.

We have a van that usually always breaks down and is so hard to steer right or left because the steering box went out. It'll cost $500+ to repair.

I'm the only one that drives and I have no choice but to use it to cash our checks, shop, pay bills, etc.

I used to go to a food pantry twice a month just to make ends meet, which was a great help, but I can't do that any more due to my van being in the condition it's in.

Here is where the handicap/wheelchair lift or ramp comes in. My husband has scoliosis, curvature of the spine and Friedreich's ataxia, which keeps him pretty much in an electric wheelchair.

There was a time when the whole family could go shopping, to the library or movies etc. Because of wearing leg braces and with my help, my husband used to go with us.

He has a manual wheelchair, but it got harder for him and now he stays in the electric one, plus it got harder for me to help him since I myself was in an accident.

So now when I do have to go out just to take care of business, my husband stays home all the time having no choice due to the van's condition/and no lift or ramp for an electric wheelchair.

Every time I do go somewhere in that van I have to take one my daughters just to help me steer. It's so aggravating.

If someone can see it in their heart so as to help us we would truly be joyful. Thank you. Gwendolyn and family.

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Mar 07, 2013
Source of benefits...
by: Don from Accessible.org

Several funding sources are available that many do not know about. Follow the instructions you find at the link below, and you'll be able to learn of what benefits you are entitled to, based on your particular qualifications and needs.


Good luck with your search for benefits!

Don from Accessible.org

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