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Grant To Help Work Accident Disabled Woman And Mom Get Decent Housing

by Nancy Cowens
(Flint, Michigan, USA)

I am a gal about to be 53, who shares a house with mom. Mom is a retired Navy Veteran, who served in the Korean War.

I have no kids, but Mom and I volunteer with them via Civil Air Patrol (CAP).

Mom and I are hoping to find a place that we can of course share, but perhaps more like a duplex, if at all possible.

We also hope to find a vehicle that we can both get around in together. We need to move in the worst way.

A neighbor has terrorized us for over five years, to the point of doing physical harm to us.

Law enforcement has been no help.

We just hope to find a nice, clean and decent house, perhaps just outside of the city.

We keep ourselves busy with all our volunteer work, and we also like to rescue stray cats.

Disability Issues

For me, it all started back in the 80s when I was working at a glass company.

I liked my job. I was on the road most of the time, making deliveries. But it was a lot of heavy lifting.

My back was weak from a car accident some years before, but everything was fine, or so I thought when I went to work at the glass company.

After about a year or so, I was having lots of back pain and assorted spinal issues, and another year later, I was having my first of two spinal fusions.

I went back to work when I was due and was told I didn't have a job anymore. I tried and tried for years to keep a good job, but my progressing spinal issues would not allow it.

Then other things started going wrong. I had another spinal fusion, cataract surgery, abdominal surgery and knee surgery. I became a full-blown diabetic and so on.

I've been cut from head to toe, both sides. When my doctor saw what was happening to me, he said, "You work no more."

From the age of about 36 to now, I cannot even count the number of surgeries I've had. I have no idea. Yes, that many.

I have extremely limited mobility, and typically use a walker or my wheelchair.

It's the same for Mom. She has extremely limited mobility and she uses a walker or her scooter.

Initially I was to have a Disability review at the end of the first three years, but when they saw how much worse I'd gotten, even just over those three years, I guess they decided I'm permanent.

The stress from being terrorized for over five years doesn't help.

I sure hope that a grant will help! We'd just like to see our way to a decent, clean, accessible, quiet home, and proper transportation.

Financial Hardship

Neither of us works. We try to keep busy doing volunteer work, but it's hard because we can't get out of the house on our own. And even if we did, we have no way to transport our devices.

We're pretty much trapped at home. We have no ramp, no van, no nothing.

We skimp on medications to make them stretch when we can't get to the pharmacy.

After we pay the rent and utilities, there's nothing left. Nothing.

All we ever wanted was privacy, not to be bullied, freedom to come and go as needed, and freedom to participate in everyday life.

Also, an accessible vehicle would allow us more time with our CAP family. Oh and to maybe rescue a few more cats, and help them find homes.

Income Efforts

Doctors will not allow us to work. We have been scammed twice with the work-at-home thing.

I get Disability; Mom gets SSI and a small amount from Veterans. But she does not qualify for a VA loan because of a foreclosure in CA some years ago.

My own credit issues are due to medical bills and student loans. I made an agreement about the student loans, so they should be excused soon.

We don't have a church, and our friends are in the same boat as us.

We have no family here, just each other.

I've been looking for a financial opportunity for some time, and grants seemed to be the way to go.

Specific Needs

Housing and transportation: We get benefits. We just need, not a handout, but more like a hand-up.

We are hoping to find a grant to give us that one last boost. If a lawyer can help us, we're certainly open to that.

Any direction or advice is also greatly appreciated.

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Mar 14, 2013
Help for mother and daughter
by: Anonymous

Hi Nancy,

I recommend that you look into the government site that helps you find the benefits you are entitled to. There could be several programs that you (and your mom) are eligible for. Go to this page for step by step instructions on how to get started:


Let us know what you find, okay?

All the best!
Don from Accessible.org

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