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Grant To Help Young Grandma With Multiple Sclerosis Live Normally

by Maria Mayes
(Sprague, Washington, USA)

I am a 37-year-old married woman.

I have a 13-year-old stepdaughter, an 18-year-old daughter with a two-year-old granddaughter, a 20-year-old stepson and a 22-year-old stepson.

Three of our kids and granddaughter live on the other side of the state along with immediate family.

Our 20-year-old stepson and my mother-in-law live next door.

Disability Issues

I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis when I was 19. A couple of months after giving birth to my daughter I started having symptoms.

I was still able to work and get around. By the time I was 32 I could no longer work.

I am on Disability and my husband takes care of me. I have to use a wheeled walker with a seat on it so I can rest or be pushed in my wheelchair depending on the activity.

My husband has to do all the cooking and some house cleaning. He also has to make sure I can get off my shower chair and out of the bathtub after my showers. It's all due to my lack of balance.

Financial Hardship

Over the holidays we went over to stay with my father-in-law because we knew they would be his last.

When we got back we had been robbed. That night we slept in our truck until we could make other arrangements.

When we left again to go to my father-in-law's funeral, we were robbed at least eight more times that the sheriffs department has on camera.

They stole almost everything including the pellet stove (only source of heat), pellets and all of our food. What they didn't take got ruined.

Our trailer needs lots of repairs before we can even stay in it. We used to live just fine on my Disability checks but now we are not sure what we can or will be able to do.

Income Efforts

I am on Disability. I was denied SSI.

There were two websites started for friends and family to donate. We got one donation.

Our family and friends would help out if they could but are unable to.

I have applied to the Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS) again to see if I can get on medical and hopefully help with food.

My husband does not work right now. He has to take care of me and there are no programs that will help financially because we are married.

Specific Needs

We need all kinds of help or advice. We are not sure of what to do anymore.

We did not have insurance so we need bedding, clothing, help with food, fuel to go anywhere including the numerous dump trips we will have to pay for.

We have to redo the entire inside of our home, (flooring, walls, furniture) and install a heat source before winter.

I also need glasses since Medicare won't pay for them and we both need dental work and health insurance.

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Jun 29, 2013
Batteries for scooter.
by: Maria

I also just found out I need 2 batteries for my Pacesaver scooter.

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