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Grant Writing That Works -- An Overview Of Our Top Authority On Writing Grants

Updated February 11, 2017

Woman with winning lottery ticket.
When You Get A Grant, You Feel Like You've Won The Lottery

This page gives you an overview of Grant Writing That Works, our own experienced-based document, and top authority on writing grants.

It's a benefit you receive when you've shown you have what it takes to follow our help-getting process from start to finish.

So, when you sign up for the Disability Help Guide, and then advance to the Disability Help Workbook, you get exclusive access to Grant Writing That Works.

Here is the Grant Writing That Works Table of Contents to show you just what a great advantage this is for anyone who wants access to the trade secrets that professional grant writers use.

Table of Contents

  1. Develop Your Grant Proposal
    1. Prepare Yourself
    2. Develop Ideas
    3. Get Outside Support
    4. Identify A Funding Source
    5. Get Organized To Write
    6. Review Your Preliminary Work
  2. Write Your Grant Proposal
    1. Proposal Summary
    2. Introduction Of Organization
    3. Problem Statement
    4. Project Objectives
    5. Project Methods
    6. Project Evaluation
    7. Future Funding
    8. Project Budget
  3. Heed Agency Insider Advice
    1. Ask Questions Boldly
    2. Organize Your Proposal
    3. Meet Mandatory Requirements
    4. Know The Point Rated Criteria
    5. Do The Technical Section Thoroughly
    6. Do The Management Section Convincingly
    7. Address Each And Every Point
    8. Do The Financial Section Precisely
    9. Package Your Proposal Properly
  4. Use Grant Writing Trade Secrets
    1. Two Steps To Getting A Grant
    2. Six Secrets To Writing And Getting Grants
    3. Seven Qualities You Need To Succeed
    4. Eight Expert Tips On Money Searching
    5. Five Rules For How To Treat Grant Agencies
    6. The Ten Commandments Of Phone Etiquette
    7. Four Essential Reality Checks
  5. Stick With Essential Resources
    1. Ability Mission Resources
    2. Government Resources
    3. Foundation Center Resources
    4. Other Resources

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