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Benefits/Grants For The Accident Disabled Are Within Reach Of All

Seeking benefits and grants for the accident disabled? We offer you no-cost help to apply for all the disability grants and benefits you're entitled to.

Are you, or is someone close to you, disabled because of an accident? And are you suffering financially because of increasing medical expenses and no longer being able to hold a regular job?

Good news! You could be eligible for a grant specific to your situation and we can help you in your quest. Go immediately to our "Disability Help Guide" page or read on to learn more.

You should always apply for everything you're eligible for. Others will if you don't. Granting agencies MUST spend the bilions of dollars allocated to grants and other benefits. The help is there. Ask for it.

Note 1. On this site, we use "grants" as an all-inclusive word to describe the various types of help you can get: grants, benefits, counseling, coaching, materials, services and so on.

Note 2. In case you didn't know, debt relief grants do not exist. If they did, people could spend irresponsibly and then when deep in debt, just ask Uncle Sam to take care of it. That couldn't possibly work.

Grants For Accident Disabled Victims

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Put the same tender loving care into the process of getting a grant as you do in getting care for your accident injuries.

If you've been involved in an accident that left you disabled, you know first-hand the love and effort that needs to go into caregiving.

It wouldn't be fair to say that getting a grant is the same as getting care for your injuries, but there is a pretty big similarity!

You have to lovingly "nurture" the process of getting a grant for it to work. It won't happen all on its own!

Grants and so-called free money are hyped up in the media. You're led to believe that all you have to do is ask Uncle Sam for money and you'll get it no questions asked.

In real life, it's a different story.

There are some key steps to follow:

  1. Put Your Situation In Writing
  2. Determine Grants Available
  3. Learn Grant Evaluation Criteria
  4. Write Your Grant Application
  5. Follow Up, Learn, Improve

Caregivers and people who are accident disabled have an advantage over others in understanding the need for a caring approach.

Here's a bit more detail on each step in the process of getting disability grant and benefit help if you've been disabled by an accident.

Duck targets all lined up
Before you rush off to apply for grants, get your ducks in a row.

Step 1. Put Your Situation In Writing

When you tell your story in writing, you force yourself to make it easier for granting agencies to understand. We can help you, all at no cost. Go to our Disability Help Guide page to learn more.

Step 2. Determine Grants Available

Grants exist in the thousands. As a caregiver/sufferer, you'll probably be comfortable getting this information. Online databases can make this step somewhat easier.

Step 3. Learn Grant Evaluation Criteria

After finding suitable grant programs, you need to learn how agencies evaluate your application. It's not much different form finding out what criteria qualify a child for a particular school program.

Step 4. Write Your Grant Application

Follow the granting agency's instructions exactly. Demonstrate how you are helping THEM to meet THEIR goals. It's a fact that they really only care about themselves and they don't give a damn about you.

Step 5. Follow Up, Learn, Improve

The first time you apply for a grant may not be successful. No problem. Review what you did wrong and start again. As with any endeavor, Your chances of success improve with every new attempt.

Workers' Compensation Insurance

Many accidents happen on the job. It's generally accepted that employers bear some responsibility toward employees. Workers' Compensation insurance then comes into play. According to Wikipedia...

Image of judge's gavel about to make the case-closed sound
When you settle with workers' compensation, it means you can no longer sue your employer.
Workers' compensation is a form of insurance providing wage replacement and medical benefits to employees injured in the course of employment.
The compensation is in exchange for mandatory relinquishment of the employee's right to sue his or her employer for the tort of negligence.
The tradeoff between assured, limited coverage and lack of recourse outside the worker compensation system is known as "the compensation bargain."

Many of the accident disability stories submitted to Ability-Mission.org are about folks who did not seem to get a fair workers' compensation settlement.

Like any insurance coverage, workers compensation can be complex, especially for people dealing with it for the first and maybe only time in their lives.

Do your homework diligently (maybe a non-disabled friend can help you out). You should consult a workers compensation attorney before rushing into any settlement.

Once a settlement has been reached, it might as well be done in stone, because it will be nearly impossible to change.

If you're already stuck with a bad settlement and you're looking for some government grant money to ease your financial pain, we offer help, and all at no cost. Are you...

Get Your Free Help Guide

The bottom line when it comes to disability grant and benefit help for the accident disabled is just getting help getting started. Begin now.