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Grants For Disabled Business People Starting Or Growing An Enterprise

There are definitely grants for disabled business people who want to start or grow an enterprise. At no cost, we can show you how to get help to realize your dream.

Important. When we speak of "grants" here, we're using the word as a sort of catch-all for any kind of help you can get. This help could include grants, benefits, counseling, coaching, materials, services and so on.

No matter what type of help is involved, Ability-Mission.org offers you the first line of assistance by helping you get your story in writing, all at no cost to you. See the "Disability Help Guide" page for details.

The Biggest Mistake People Make

There are actually TWO monstrous mistakes people make when applying for business grants, whether for disabled people or not.

Mistake #1 Hoping to use business funds to pay personal debts!
Mistake #2 Trying to get funding without proper documentation!

1. Using Business Funds For Personal Debts

People often think of starting a business when they're in debt. They imagine that the business will generate enough money to pay off their bills and keep them solvent forever.

This is pure wishful thinking! Building and operating a business is hard work. Over 90% of people fail at their first attempt.

Image of grant-seeking man thinking about door getting slammed in his face
Dishonorable Intention
Means No Grants!

Still, it's important to have dreams, learn more and take positive action. There ARE successes. You can be a success too! Simply do the right things and avoid the wrong ones.

Here's one wrong thing to avoid... and it's a real biggie.

When you're applying for grants for a business NEVER think that you'll use that money for personal reasons.

The golden rule in the grant writing business is that a granting agency can only award funds in line with its stated mission. You must show that your project meets the agency's objectives.

The agency's mission will NEVER be to help you pay down your personal debt.

If the funder has even the slightest suspicion that you'll use business grant money for personal reasons, you'll find the door slammed in your face.

Be sure your intentions are honorable!

2. Applying Without Proper Documentation

If someone asked YOU to invest in their business, what evidence would you need to make sure your investment was a good one? This is what granting agencies will ask of you when you apply for business grant money.

Even a government agency cannot give out money simply because it's part of the government and you're a citizen who feels entitled in some way.

Image of woman with magnifying glass scrutinizing a document
Documenting Properly
Helps Proposals Pass
Evaluator Scrutiny

They only give out money to meet their own objectives. You have to prove to them that your business project helps them meet their objectives AND that it's a viable one even a private investor would put money into.

You accomplish this with the right documentation, which provides details of how:

  • You're helping the agency meet its objectives.
  • Your business project is financially viable.

Good news! Almost every agency you deal with will tell you exactly what documentation is needed. You have to cover these key points:

  1. Projected Sales (how you calculated them, credibly)
  2. Projected Costs (again, how you calculated them)
  3. Management (what qualifies you to operate your business)

Of course you'll need to provide other information, but those three groups are the main ones. The granting agency will scrutinize them closely. They have to be credible and confidence-building.

If you've prepared your documentation properly, it will project the agency evaluators into a future that's bright for them because they clearly see how YOUR project helps the agency meet ITS objectives.

So, you can NOT simply ask for money because you think you're entitled to it. But you CAN prepare a well-documented case and we can help you get started with that.

Grants For Disabled Business People

Grants for disabled business people who want to start or grow an enterprise do exist. As mentioned at the top of the page, a grant isn't necessarily money. It could also (more likely) be things like counseling, coaching, materials, services and so on. Every little bit helps!

No matter what you're looking for, Ability-Mission.org is the first place to turn to for any assistance in getting grants/benefits. How? By helping you get your story right and in writing. So...

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