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Grants For The Multiple Sclerosis Disabled Person Seeking Real Help

Grants for the multiple sclerosis disabled person are within your grasp. Get assistance right here by letting us help you put your case in writing.

Are you, or is someone close to you, suffering from multiple sclerosis? And is financial misery part of the picture because of mounting medical (and other related) expenses?

Good news! We can help you find a grant. You can go immediately to our "Disability Help Guide" page or you can just keep on reading.

Important. When we say the word "grant" we're using it as an all inclusive expression for any type of help you can get: grants, benefits, counseling, coaching, materials, services and so on.

Apply for everything you're entitled to. If you don't go after what you're eligible for, someone else will. The bilions of dollars set aside for grants and other benefits must be spent.

Note that there is no such thing as debt relief grants. If they existed, people would just spend recklessly and then ask Uncle Sam to come to the rescue and get them out of debt. That just wouldn't work.

Multiple Sclerosis Grants Need TLC

Image of elderly woman with multiple sclerosis using walker
Getting a multiple sclerosis grant takes the same TLC you give yourself or one near and dear to you.

If you have multiple sclerosis, or you're caring for someone who's afflicted, you know first-hand the love and effort that goes into caring and caregiving.

We could never say that getting grants is the same as dealing with something like multiple sclerosis, but there is one big thing the two have in common!

For the grant-getting process to work, you have to "coddle" it. Nothing will happen all on its own!

The thing is that there's so much hype about grants, we're made to believe that all we have to do is ask the government for money and they'll give it to us.

The reality is so much different.

There are specific steps to follow. The main ones are:

  1. Put Your Situation In Writing
  2. Determine Grants Available
  3. Learn Grant Evaluation Criteria
  4. Write Your Grant Application
  5. Follow Up, Learn, Improve

If you're caring for someone, even yourself, you have an advantage over others in understanding the need for a well-nurtured approach.

Below is a bit of detail on each of the steps involved in getting grants for the multiple sclerosis disabled person.

Yellow rubber duckies all lined up
Line up your ducks before you rush off to apply for a grant.

Step 1. Put Your Situation In Writing

When you write things out, it makes it easier for granting agencies to understand. You MUST do this step. We can assist you, and there's no cost. Go to our Disability Help Guide page to learn how.

Step 2. Determine Grants Available

Grants exist by the thousands. As a caregiver, you'll be comfortable researching what's available. Compare it to finding special services for a child. Online databases can make this step easier.

Step 3. Learn Grant Evaluation Criteria

Once you've found a grant program, you have to learn how they evaluate applications. It's quite like finding out what criteria qualify a child for a particular service, say a day camp.

Step 4. Write Your Grant Application

Follow the instructions of the granting agency to the letter. Show them how you will help THEM to meet THEIR goals. Assume they only care about themselves and they don't give a hoot about you.

Step 5. Follow Up, Learn, Improve

You first grant application might not be a success. No problem. Review what you did wrong and start over. Your chances of winning improve each time. It's like knowing more about caregiving the longer you're at it.

The bottom line when it comes to getting grants for disabled people with multiple sclerosis is simply getting help.

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