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Grants To Help Accident Disabled Dad To Be Get Safety And Health Supplies

by Justin Carrender
(Monticello, KY, USA)

Justin just turned 19. He graduated high school in May 2012. He spent his last three years of high school on the homebound program as he stayed home to care for his disabled father while his mom worked.

Justin’s younger brother is now doing the same. When he graduates in 2014, their younger sister will then assume this responsibility.

Justin started working for a boat dock in August 2012. He married in November 2012, and he and his wife found they are expecting a baby in August 2013.

Justin was on his way to work on the morning of January 17, 2013 and was severely injured. He was hospitalized from that date until May.

Disability Issues

Justin’s injuries were internal, including broken bones and the worst being traumatic brain injury. He recently began speaking (limited).

He still has a feeding tube. He is still in a wheelchair and unable to walk on his own. His thought process and reasoning are not yet back to normal. Justin’s memory function is also not back to normal.

Justin was discharged on May 21, 2013 from Cardinal Hill Rehabilitation Center in Lexington, KY. He has applied for SSI, but he has been told it will be a very long waiting period.

He is unable to work at this time. His wife will no longer be working in order to give him the care he needs.

Financial Hardship

Justin and his wife, Taylor, have no income at this time. Their vehicle was a total loss in the accident.

They were living rent-free in a house owned by Justin’s parents up until the accident. The electric and water have now been cut off due to inability to pay.

Justin is on several different medications at this time. He was eligible for Medicaid but has since turned 19. He will be losing Medicaid coverage on May 31, 2013. He will not be eligible for any other coverage at this time.

Justin will not be able to afford his medications once he comes home. He is in need of a wheelchair, a shower chair, safety rails, a wheelchair ramp, and any other assistive devices that could benefit him.

Income Efforts

Justin has applied for SSI. There have been several churches in the community who have given donations that have been acquired through various fund raisers.

His family is burdened with the financial hardships of a disabled father. Taylor's family will be helping them once they come home by providing them with their necessities.

Taylor will be in need of transportation for her prenatal care. Justin will have many follow up appointments with his neurosurgeons, orthopedic physicians, and physical therapy.

Specific Needs

At this time, any assistance at all would be beneficial. SSI approval is going to take a long time, according to the SSA. Any programs to help with the medications he will need would be helpful.

Justin will want to return to work as soon as he is able. This is not something he wants to be permanent. He has been a hard worker and his current employer would be more than willing to substantiate this on his behalf.

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